Offer Doorstep Deliveries and Achieve More Using Gojek Clone 2022 Features

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To run a Multiservices Business online is no kid’s job. You will need something robust with power-packed features that allows you to automate and streamline your business. 

KingX2022 – Gojek Clone App 2022 can be the answer to your solution. It is a Mega App offering more than what you can think of. The best part it reduces your overheads expenses and maintains and retains the manpower which is a huge issue in this Pandemic.

Gojek Clone App 2022 offering Doorstep Services

This On-Demand Multiservice App is loaded with more than 70 features that cover daily essentials, Taxi bookings, Parcel Delivery, and Other services on the go. 

For every service, it provides doorstep deliveries keeping in mind the “social distancing” factor. True, that Gojek Clone 2022 is concerned about its user’s, service providers, and delivery drivers safety thus comes integrated with COVID19 Safety features like Face mask verification, Safety badge, Ride cancellation, Safety ratings, and reviews, Contactless delivery Safety checklist, Restaurant owners to upload kitchen pictures.

With the COVID19 cases on the rise and with each variant it has become challenging for the citizens to carry out their tasks seamlessly. Thus, downloading KingX2022 will enable them to carry on their day-to-day tasks without worrying about Virus Transmission.

The app offers “Delivery Preferences” to the users such as Contactless Delivery and Doorstep Contactless delivery. This provides them peace of mind that their stuff will be delivered at the doorstep or can be scheduled accordingly as per convenience. 

You can browse the KingX2022 App demo video on the Cubetaxi website. Till then let’s explore the Futuristic Features and what makes it a completely Innovative App of the century.

The Futuristic Features Of KingX2022

There’s no point in having the same feature as the parent app. Your users are looking for something new to use that is beneficial to them. 

Buying Gojek Clone 2022 integrated with novel features can help you earn a wider customer base without any struggle.

We have listed here a few of them for you:

Taxi Booking iWatch App

When you are not paying attention and eager to exit a conversation, your partner may find it disrespectful. Taxi Booking iWatch App, on the other hand, makes things simple for you. How? You may hire a cab without pulling out your Apple Phone while being discreet. With a few touches on your App Watch, you can hire a taxi. It utilizes the same Uber-like app concept, allowing you to get rid of a nosy girlfriend without offending her.

Service Bid

Jamie was on the lookout for plumbers in his neighborhood. He wanted to put in a new heating/cooling unit and inspect the complete plumbing system to make sure everything was in working order. He needed someone to complete the assignment for $1500 within the stipulated date because of a schedule crisis and a monetary limitation.

Using the Gojek Clone App 2022’s Service Bid feature, he was able to receive the best services in the shortest amount of time. He was overjoyed with the service and grateful for the new feature.

Online Video Consulting

Sam was seeking legal advice on his divorce process. With limited time, he downloaded KingX2022 and utilized the Online Video Consultation function to connect with an attorney in his area. Soon after, he was able to schedule an Online Video Consultation appointment with a lawyer, and he was grateful for the feature that allowed him to save time and effort while also receiving a resolution without having to leave his house.

Buy KingX2022 And Rule On-Demand Industry In Short Time

With New Variant Introduced every season, we don’t know when this Pandemic is going to end. To stay ahead in the race, you need to have different and beneficial for your users.

CubeTaxi can assist you in Building Customized KingX2022 App suiting your business requirements.  From the initial consultation to the development and support of your On-Demand Multiservices App, the project manager will help you determine the optimal solution for your business. Get in touch with us through our website, via Skype, or by phone.

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