Gift Wrapping, Packing, and Shipping Hacks


Let’s face it, when it comes to holidays or celebrations, there’s lots to do to get the special packages you want to give others out the door. In fact, the expense of wrapping, packaging, and shipping items can be really overwhelming to include on a normal budget. And it can overwhelm an already taxed to do list, especially if you’re not taking advantage of ways to make it simpler. So there are ways to streamline your budget and get more out of your time to get those gifts and other items to the people they’re intended for, when they’re intended.

Let’s start with wrapping. You could invest in lots of fancy paper with all sorts of decorations, or you can learn how to simply and creatively wrap presents with off-the-shelf materials. A single piece of wrapping paper, for example, can be artfully (and easily) fashioned into wrapping paper that’s pleated, lending that off-the-shelf gift with some decidedly not off-the-shelf accents. You can also take pieces of your present, such as a scarf, and turn them into parts of the wrapping itself.

When it comes time to ship all those wrapped presents, there are ways to do so without adding to the expense and while ensuring that your present gets there in good order. For example, check if the carrier of your choice prices things based on the weight of the package itself or on the dimensions of the box. In addition, you may not have to purchase any packaging materials at all, especially if the carrier that you’re using offers their standard boxes or other items for free.

What other steps can you follow in order to make this part of gift giving, which is essential and can be a lot of fun, easier? This graphic has some ideas.

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