Gift ideas for Christmas: Find the right gift for you

gift every year

Christmas presents: every year

As surely as the year draws to a close, so is the Christmas season. For many the best time of the year, it gives others a lot of headaches and stomach aches. After all, it is important to please loved ones (and the less loved ones) with the right gift every year.

Planning is everything

You are particularly well advised if you are already thinking about the approaching festival of love in October. Also practical: keep a list. Everyone expresses a wish or two over the course of the year. If this is not a trip to the moon: write it down immediately! The time to give and receive presents is definitely coming.

Gift ideas for Christmas: get to know the target group

Anyone who thinks about gifts in a timely manner can hardly avoid the very personal form of market research. We know most of the people to whom we give a present at the festival. Sometimes a gift is needed when we are actually not that keen on it. For example, the colleague in the office who we don’t like but want to keep in a (reasonably good) mood. Or the neighbors who support us all year round, but about whom we know little.

A chat with mutual acquaintances is worthwhile here. A hobby, a club activity or membership in a book club can be helpful information that brings us closer to a gift idea for Christmas.

Mistake number 1: Expensive instead of valuable

We tend to compensate, especially with people whom we don’t really want to please, but who have to, or have to believe, for various reasons. When it comes to price, we go over the top and, above all, we go beyond our budget. That will not be crowned with success. It would make more sense to invest a few minutes and perhaps come up with a brilliant idea

Mistake number 2: Well, I like it

What fills us with enthusiasm and feelings of happiness does not necessarily have to be the same for others. People are different, and so are the expectations when it comes to gifts. The pragmatic mother-in-law cannot be won with perfume, a voucher for cosmetics or a beautiful decorative object. An invitation to dinner or a high-quality (and nonetheless visually appealing) scarf could be more of a hit here.

People who celebrate Christmas in a very special way and don’t want to leave anything to chance, usually expect a film-ready gift package. Anyone who worships a sober voucher here will be disappointed

Mistake number 3: the main thing is practical

Unfortunately, the bad habit of giving away everyday objects on the feast of love has still not died out. In principle, gifts should be something that you would not buy yourself. A touch of luxury is welcome, even if not a lot of money has to be invested. If the recipient has not just moved into their first apartment and you are absolutely sure that the household can still use an upgrade urgently: okay.

But even in such and similar cases only with consultation, also at the risk of spoiling the surprise. Even if it is still almost a taboo in our circles at Christmas: an envelope with money would probably be the better option.

Mistake number 4: A present as a challenge cup

It is fundamentally not wrong to pass on a gift that you do not like or use yourself at the next opportunity. If it is in its original packaging or maybe even the (designer) label is still on it (without a price tag!), Nothing speaks against it. The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is old, but still relevant.

Especially in times of sustainability and neat minimalism, it makes perfect sense to put unpleasant dust collectors in hands that they appreciate. But be careful: It should have happened that you get your own gifts back in this way. Also important: look for telltale lines on the card on the gift bags and remove them if necessary. If “In Liebe von Omi” ennobles the present, it could cause confusion if Omi has passed away in the meantime.

The safe way number 1: Doing good

It is difficult to avoid the thought of doing good at the same time as a Christmas present. What could be better for the festival of love than helping others? Donations for aid projects or sponsorships for animals in animal shelters that have no chance of mediation. If serous organizations are used here, a real win-win-win situation can arise under the Christmas tree. This solution is also ideal for “difficult” cases, such as the ex-mother-in-law, the give-me-nothing-aunt or the family grinch

The safe way number 2: Made with love yourself

Anyone who is not completely talented or just stingy can always score with homemade things. So much effort and invested time also like to overlook the fact that you may be allergic to wool socks and Uncle Fred really, really shouldn’t drink alcohol.

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