iPhone Accessories

A charger is an essential add-on to keep your iPhone topped up. If you want to make your phone’s battery live long, knit your mobile phone with a reliable and fast speed charger. The reliable iPhone Accessories level up your Apple experience.

iPhone Accessories

If you are on the lookout for the best apple iPhone charger for your Apple phone then you have come to the right place. All your worries will be transformed into comforts.

Knit Your iPhone with this Incredibly Fast Charger

We are presenting a top-class PD charger with USB Type-C to lightning cable for you. It has the capacity to charge any iPhone mobile phone with lightning-fast speed. PD charger not only recharges at a fast speed but at a safe edge.

It protects your precious phone against

  • Overcurrent
  • Overpower
  • Overvoltage
  • Short-circuit
  • Over-heating

It helps your iPhone reach its full potential by offering fast charging with no other dangerous side effects.

PD charger delivers a perfect number of amperes up to 3A. That’s why it takes a small time to fill your phone’s battery with charging life. Bring it into play and stop worrying about low battery issues.

In addition, 18W power delivery makes it more useful and speedier. A high-power charger charges your phone at high rates without imparting it any damage and foul functioning.

This iPhone Charger possesses a definite compact shape. Due to its small shape, it does not occupy a larger space and let you carry it with you anywhere and everywhere you go. A PD charger perfectly fits in your small pocket.

You’ll love this USB Wall Charger

This is a fine quality charger to fill your phone’s battery with the maximum charging juice. It provides fast charging without overheating the device. Perfect amperes are supplied with perfect efficiency. Let’s see how many boxes it will tick

  • Fast charging
  • Safe charging
  • Does not overheat the mobile
  • Deliver an appropriate quantity of amperes
  • Latest technology to make it effective and efficient
  • 3 pins for strong adhesion with socket
  • Useful for all compatible devices

This iPhone Charger adapter is cool to carry with you to the office, party and on the go. Pair this charger with a high-quality fast charging cable and enjoy an improved charging experience.

Lightning Fast Flexible Braided iPhone Cable

This iPhone Cable is manufactured with a high-quality braided material that provides a protective layer around the inner copper wire. The strong and flexible threads are interweaved and make a strong and compact mesh on the outer layer.

This lightning cable charges your iPhone with lightning-fast speed with the appropriate and safe delivery of 2.4 amperes. Fast charging saves time and lets you enjoy your favourite videos, games, music, and selfies.

Premium chipset technology enables it to provide safe charging without overheating issues. Charge your phone at a high speed with ultimate protection. It also allows you to transfer and sync data at high speed.

There is a protective covering at the junction points to avoid breaking and damage at these points where there are more chances of tearing down. These protective patterns at junction points impart extra flexibility to the cable.

We are offering six attractive colours to choose from as well as multiple lengths to enhance your charging experience.

  • Half meter
  • 1 meter
  • 2 meters
  • 3 meters

An extra length of 3 meters allows you to charge your iPhone mobile phone while lying in the bed.

Try USB-C to Lightning Cable for immense comfort

USB-C to lightning cable is an inevitable peripheral for your iPhone to get rid of low battery problems. A super-strong and ultra-durable material is used to manufacture it which makes it sturdy and able to use for life-long.

It delivers perfect amperes to compatible devices. This iPhone Cable has the capacity to charge iPhone mobile phones at a fast speed.

This beautiful and elegant cable levels up your Apple collection. If you pair it up with a compatible iPhone mobile phone it will provide you with charging at its high rates, quick data transfer and data synchronization speed.

Due to the compact layer of strong and flexible intertwined fibres, this cable is not prone to fraying. It is not broken into integral parts and provides you with a break-proof lightning cable.

If you are fond of using your phone while lying in bed, you should go for 3 meters. This cable makes your charging experience better by delivering a perfect number of amperes. When it comes to our user’s comfort matters the most. You just have to buy and enjoy.

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