Tips To Get A Standard Free Roof Estimates

roof estimate

A roof project can be a huge investment for any homeowner. Therefore, it’s highly important to be careful when deciding on roofing contractors’ estimates. There are several tips to get a standard free roof estimate. Several homeowners fall victim to hiring the first bid a residential roofer gives them. This might not be the best price available to handle the project. Screen all the estimates you get by yourself or an expert before making a final decision. 

If you’re considering to hire a professional roofer for your roofing installation or repair, you may have to consider the following tips: 

Obtain at least three roofing estimates 

Requesting for at least three different estimates from various companies will help to find the best price. Don’t just choose from the first few roofing contractors that appear on an Internet search. Select different types of contractors after taking recommendations from neighbors, friends, and members on Angie’s List. Also, homeowners should be sure to get at least a minimum of three references from the roofing companies you intend to hire before any deal.

Understand what your roofer is looking for 

Your roofer will inspect the roof before providing an estimate, but you should know what they will be looking for to get a smart thought of what to expect in the estimate. The following factors will also influence the final estimate: 

  • Layers of shingles that need removal and replacement
  • Damage to the decking 
  • Water damage to the roof and other part of the structure

Do your best to carefully understand what your contractor needs so they can give you the right estimate. Also, do your best to explain what you need, i.e. your final result of the project at hand. 

Call roofing suppliers to determine material costs 

A part of the contractor’s estimate will be for the cost of roofing equipment and materials. However, most contractors will include a markup. Obviously, some roofing contractors could get carried away with markup. So, it is necessary to call the suppliers to know how much materials cost. This is one of the most important tips for getting a budget-friendly estimate for your project. 

Check the time Used to deliver the roofing estimate 

When a contractor tells you that they will have the estimate delivered to you by next Friday, but then it does not get to on the agreed date, this should be seen as a sign to move on to the next contractor. If you are looking for a contractor who would abide by their word, watch carefully to see if they did everything they wrote on the roofing estimate they provided. Doing so is a decent way to evaluate the future of your project and prevent any possible setbacks due to a bad work ethic. 


It is not all about getting a free roof estimate. You should make sure the estimates are provided by recommended roofing contractors or companies. Don’t settle for less. If you can’t take the decision alone, invite an expert to help you consider the estimates you have received comparing them to your wants.

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