Now Get A 1 Lakh Personal Loan Effortlessly: Money View

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Do you foresee some unavoidable travel expenses? Or is the fund requirement for starting a new business creeping in as nightmares? 1 lakh loan? Is that what you wish you had? 

Whatever your reason be, getting a 1 lakh personal loan is now easily feasible. And how?

How do you choose the ideal personal loan?

Although taking personal loans in India has become relatively simple thanks to digitization, the sheer number of options available in the market can be overwhelming. 

We know what you are thinking- for getting a 1 lakh personal loan, you need to ensure that you are creditworthy and fulfill the basic eligibility requirements set by most lenders. Right? Higher your ability to repay the loan, better are the chances of availing a loan.

Well, that is true with almost all credit lenders. But there are exceptions like the Money View. 

Even if your income or credit score is on the lower side, Money View will still furnish you with instant personal loans. Read to find out how? 

The lender’s perceived risk of you as a borrower is the secret to getting a loan. Is that all? 

Not really. 

Then, what are some of the mandatory criteria that will promise you loans easily, regardless of the amount?

Your Income

Simply put, you need to show your regular salary getting credited to your bank account. The more stable your income is, the higher are the chances of you getting a 1 lakh personal loan.

Your Age

Most moneylenders believe that 21 to 57 years of age is a noncontroversial age bracket. And that is because the mentioned age group usually earns a regular income (salaried or self-employed). They can therefore repay loans a lot more easily.

Your Credit Score at the time of Application

The most important benchmark that determines if you will be in the lender’s consideration is your credit score! Having a high credit score typically above 750 will make you eligible for all types of loans and credit. 

In addition to it, you will also get loans at favorable terms and conditions, such as a low rate of interest, flexible repayment terms, etc. 

Can I get a 1 lakh personal loan with a low credit score?

Undoubtedly, a low CIBIL score impacts your eligibility for loans. A banker or a moneylender can get a first-hand idea of loan payback habits on time with your credit score. Therefore, many credit institutions like banks/ NBFCs will hesitate to sanction a loan to someone who has a low CIBIL score. 

So, in case you currently have a relatively low credit score or low income for that matter but need a 1 lakh personal loan, EMI reduced and urgently, then the best solution is to avail a pre-approved personal loan from Money View.

Who can avail of personal loans from Money View?

Money View is one of India’s most trusted money lenders. Their income requirements are pocket friendly. 

Money View offers instant personal loans to even those with relatively low credit scores. So, what eligibility criteria do you need to fulfill? Just tick the checklist below:

  1. Age: between 21 to 57 years
  2. Minimum monthly income of ₹ 13,500
  3. Minimum CIBIL score of 600 or Experian score of 650
  4. Income is credited directly to your account, regularly.

Wow, that is not much for a 1 lakh personal loan, EMI reduced. We almost have it, don’t we?

Hey, self-employed applicants, don’t go already because you too can wait and get instant 1 lakh to 5 lakh personal loans from Money View!

Wrapping Up

So, getting a 1 lakh personal loan is not that hard! Is it? Then how do you get there?

All you need to do is visit the money view website here: or download the loan app to apply for a personal loan!