How To Get Air Jordan’s On Release Day Online?


Long lines outside retailers have moved online. Stocks dedicated to online sales of the Latest Air Jordan Sneakers are often sold out the minute they are launched online. The competition for getting a pair of Air Jordan’s is so intense that people resort to using unethical automated methods (bots) to game the system for a pair of the latest sneakers.

Others, like you and me, either fall behind or have to wait for months to get hold of these much sought-after sneakers. What if we said there was a way to buy these Air Jordan Sneakers online on the release day without resorting to unfair means? We’ll discuss these in this post.

8 tips to get hold of just-launched Air Jordan sneakers online

1- Research the Nike website well

When you’re planning to buy a popular newly released product, you will need to do a little bit of prior research. After all, knowing the website well can help you save loads of time. To do this, spend at least 15 minutes to know the website well- what details you need to enter, the website’s layout, and also the checkout process. 

That’s not all, you should know every little detail of the website- where the checkout button is located, where you can choose the shoe size, color, and other such details. Also, look out for exclusive offers that apply to you. When the new sneakers are launched, these little details would help you check out faster and increase the chances of getting a pair of newly launched Air Jordan’s.

2- Search by style code on the Nike store

Nike releases some sneakers without announcing the launch via a Twitter link. If the sneakers you are eyeing are one of these, you can Buy Air Jordan Sneakers using Nike’s 9-digit style code available on Nike’s release calendar.  

When you search for the sneakers via its style code, you are redirected to the sneakers product page. If the sneakers are not released yet, the website will show ‘no matches found’. Keep refreshing the page until the sneakers are launched by Nike. Usually, they do so by 8 am EST on Saturdays. Some people take advantage of this and try to fool people by selling so-called ‘early links’ for non-Twitter Link only (TLO) releases. Do not fall for these schemes.

3- Use the auto fill functionality

Google Chrome has a nifty auto fill functionality where you can save your personal details for quicker checkout and form filling. This is a feature that should help you save valuable time when you move from placing the order to making the payment. Although Nike is a Shopify-powered website where the product is kept on hold till the payment is realized, it is always better to save your details on this Best Online Sneaker Store rather than wasting time filling out details that auto fill can do for you.

4- Follow relevant people on Twitter

Many of the latest Air Jordan’s are announced on Twitter before being released. This is done by celebrities or Nike itself. Even if you are not looking to buy the latest sneakers, it makes sense to follow these accounts for surprise deals that you may be interested in.

5- Set up Twitter notifications

Enable Twitter notifications to be the first ones to get the links to such deals and surprise product announcements. This shouldn’t be done only for the Nike website, also set up notifications for leading shoe e-commerce retailers as they might provide sneakers that are not easily available even on the official Nike website.

6- Use Tweet Deck for relevant notifications

TweetDeck is an application from Twitter where you can filter Tweet notifications according to your criteria. This could be extremely helpful especially for Twitter Link Only(TLO) releases. For example, you could get the latest Tweet notifications from @NikeStore so that you know when to buy those sneakers you badly want.

7- Stay persistent

As with other struggles in life- NEVER give up! 

Sometimes, all the shoes may not go at once- some may take their sweet time to move the product from the cart while others may cancel their order. This is where you can get your opportunity. Though you might not get those Air Jordan Sneakers for men you so longed for, you can always wait till the next stock goes live and buy them. Understand what mistakes you made earlier and improve on them.

8 Use Page Monitor to know website changes

A free extension on Google Chrome, Page Monitor helps to track any changes on any website. In this context, whenever the page for Air Jordan sneakers is updated, you get a notification. This will help you place your order as soon as possible.

Summing Up

You do not need to resort to unfair means to buy those latest Air Jordan’s online. A little bit of patience, persistence, prior research, and smart use of online tools can help you get them before any bot can do so.

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