Find Easiest Way to Get Australian Citizenship in 2022?

australian citizenship

Amidst everything that has been going on in the world in the last two years, the Australian government has made certain changes with regards to its citizenship regime. Placing the country’s security at the forefront has immediately caused difficulties in other areas of the country, particularly with travel. Keeping this in mind, below are some of the ways to get Australian citizenship in 2022.

1) Citizenship by Birth

The easiest way to obtain the Australian citizenship is of course by virtue of birth. If you were born in Australia between the dates 26th January 1949 and 20th August 1986, you are automatically eligible to obtain the citizenship of Australia. 

For any person born on or after 21st August 1986, their right to Australian citizenship will depend on the residency status or the nationality of their parents. 

2) Citizenship by Conferral

Another common way of gaining citizenship in Australia is through conferral. You can apply and be conferred Australian citizenship if you have been living in the country continuously for 4 years. This should include at least 1-year residency on a permanent visa or with permanent residency status.  

You may qualify for citizenship if you have lived in Australia on any of these visas or statuses continually for the above mentioned period:

  • On a general skilled migration visa
  • As a partner of an Australian citizen
  • As a parent of an Australian citizen
  • As an eligible New Zealand citizen

In this case, one will have to be eligible for Australian citizenship. These criteria include:

  1. Clearing the Australian citizenship test with 75% or above. This test isn’t applicable to those above the age of 60.
  2. Living as a permanent resident when the application has been submitted and approved.
  3. Satisfying the residency rules.
  4. Showing an intent to remain in Australia and maintain a lengthy relationship with the country.
  5. Attending a citizenship ceremony, making the Australian Citizenship Pledge in order to officially become an Australian citizen (this is if the person is given citizenship by conferral).

3) Citizenship by Descent

As mentioned earlier in the blog, if a person’s parents were of Australian citizenship during the person’s birth, then the person will be allowed Australian citizenship.

If in any case, the parent isn’t an Australian citizen anymore, it doesn’t affect the person individually, who can continue to remain an Australian citizen.

4) Citizenship by Adoption

If a person’s birth was outside Australia, but the adoption was done within, the person may qualify for Australian citizenship, providing certain requirements are met:

  • If the person was born to a former Australian citizen
  • If the person was born in Papua New Guinea before the independence in 1975
  • If the person was born in Australia but is now stateless
  • If during birth, at least one of the parents was an Australian citizen

The person must provide a valid adoption compliance certificate.

5) Continuing Former Citizenship

If the person is a former citizen of the country, there is a possibility of continuing the citizenship. Depending on the reason the person’s citizenship was eliminated in the first place, the need to renew the person’s citizenship will be evaluated. On the chance that the reasoning does not check out, the person will have to apply for citizenship by conferral.

Another important factor in selection for people above the age of eighteen is if they can show that they are of “good character.”

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