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general surgeons

A general surgeon is a physician well experienced and trained in diagnosis along with preoperative, operative as well as postoperative management of patient care. He/she is well trained to offer entire surgical care and has a knowledge of anatomy, emergency, intensive care, metabolism, immunology, nutrition, physiology, pathology, wound healing, shock, and resuscitation. The profiles of general surgeons can vary as it depends upon he/she is practicing in the academic, urban, or rural sector.

What general surgeons diagnose and treat?

General surgeons can diagnose many types of diseases, especially those that are linked with the abdomen, as well as the organs connected to it. These comprise bile ducts, spleen, appendix, liver, pancreas, small and large intestine, stomach, and rectum. The surgeon also has an experience to operate the glands in the thyroids, thoracic region, and hernias. To a certain extent, general surgeons can also treat various procedures that are performed on the skin and the breast and even expected to treat burn patients too. Thus, aside from hospitals, general surgeons can also be found in trauma and emergency departments.

Common general surgical procedures performed by general surgeons

General surgeons perform surgical procedures to remove and repair injuries, and promote health and healing. General surgeons might be called on to perform surgery on almost any part of the body, however, they mainly focus on treating diseases as well as injuries of the abdomen, digestive system organs, breasts, and endocrine system glands. Below we have listed for you some common surgeries best general surgeons in India perform:

  1. Appendectomy – It is a type of surgery performed to remove the appendix and sometimes to remove the tumors of the appendix.
  2. Breast surgery – general surgeons also perform breast surgery if doctors suspect breast cancer . some common breast surgeries are breast biopsy, Lumpectomy, Mastectomy.
  3. Colon and rectal surgery – general surgeons perform surgery on colon and rectum to treat a variety of conditions counting bowel obstruction, cancer, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis. Some common surgeries include colectomy, colostomy, and hemorrhoidectomy.
  4.  Esophageal surgery – various esophageal diseases can be treated with medication, but some need surgical treatment. Some common esophageal surgeries include acid reflux surgery, esophagectomy, excision of an esophageal lesion.
  5. Gastroenterology procedures – general surgeons, perform many procedures including upper GI endoscopy, gastric bypass surgery, liver biopsy.
  6. Gallbladder removal – it is a surgery to remove the gallbladder.
  7. Hernia repair – hernia repair is the surgical process to correct a hernia, which can bulge into the thigh, groin, chest, or belly button and cause a visible lump.
  8. Varicose vein removal – It is a surgical process done by best general surgeons in India to remove thick twisted varicose veins that bulge through the skin.
  9. Thyroid removal – As per conditions, a general surgeon may remove all or part of your thyroid. however, cancer is the most common reason for thyroid gland surgery.
  10. Spleen removal – It is a surgical process to remove the spleen as an enlarged spleen can burst and can also cause dangerous internal bleeding.
  11. Wound repair – Serious wounds may need repair, and Wound repair is done by general surgeons to heal and improve the appearance of the wound.

Duties of general surgeons

There are many duties and responsibilities that best general surgeons in India required to perform :

  • Analyzing the records and medical history of the patients and plan the best possible procedure for treatment. They have to plan the treatment after taking into account the medical condition and history of the patient.
  • General surgeons duty is to monitor the patient’s health after surgery or treatment.
  • General surgeon diagnoses a patient’s condition and then prescribe treatments like diets, antibiotics as well as sedatives.
  • General surgeons manage and examine the surgery equipment to ensure sterility and also to supervise the activities of medical staff, counting specialists, nurses, and residents.
  • Best general surgeons in India operate on patients to repair injuries, correct deformities, prevent as well as treat diseases, and also to improve or restore patients functions.

General surgeons practice many types of surgery because of their broad-based nature of their education. Several general surgeons may choose to go on to a specialty, but many others enjoy the duties of a true general surgeon and practice a wide assortment of procedures. General surgeons also have the flexibility to work in a variety of settings, along with diverse types of medical teams as well as patients.

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