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Gemstone is a chunk of mineral which is crystallized by cutting and polishing has transformed into jewelry and it is embellished by people. Gemstones are also named as precious stones due its beauty, durability and uniqueness. Few gemstones are non-crystalline which is organic in nature; they are red coral, pearl and amber.

Kinds of Gemstones and their authenticity

There are two types of gemstones which are classified by giving emphasizing upon the value and the rarity of the gemstones. These are semiprecious stones and precious stones.  Originally there are 9 types of gemstones but there are substitutes for these gemstones. The need for gemstones is from the ancient period and from Vedic astrology the value of semi precious stones as substitutes are quite remarkable. You will find authentic gemstone market in Delhi where the gems are scrutinized by experts in the field and one of them is the Khanna Gems Private limited which will assure great quality in gemstone industry. This company has been established in the year 1987 and its ruling in this industry more than thirty years. Gemstone is measured in ratti, in the Khanna Gems per ratti price varies Rs.1200 to Rs.17000, and basically this is the original gemstone price because this company creates genuine gemstone.

Benefits of Gemstone

Gemstone is not only known for its beauty and embellished purpose but it consists of healing properties. Therefore each gemstone has its unique benefit.

  • White Pearl is essential for the person who has Cancer ascendant, Scorpio ascendant and Pisces ascendant. Pearl protects the person mainly during the mahadasa and antardasa of Moon. The stone resonates  emotional stability, stabilized emotion, and inner peace, mental strength and memory. Pearl should be embellished  in small finger of right hand on the Monday morning. It should adorned in silver ring.
  • Amethyst which is a violet gemstone is adorn mainly to uplift your spiritual world which includes meditation, balance, psychic abilities, peace of mind and transformation.
  • Panna stone mainly contributes in regulating the planet mercury. Panna stone  is  of green color, so those who wears the stone gets  fame and prosperity after some period of wearing the stone. If you want the best possible result then Panna Stone must be embedded in the silver ring and in the little finger of right hand in which the stone should touch the skin of your finger. Panna stone has great effect for bringing prosperity and fame in life . Therefore for the best stone please buy government authorised gems from Khanna Gems of Delhi.
  • Chalcedony is considered as a pure stone in Native American culture. The gemstone is worn to inspire brotherhood, good will, and establish the virtue of generosity. Some people have faith in its metaphysical powers in easing depression, mental illness, fear, panic and sensitiveness. The stone also helps to harmonize mind, body and spirit.

The aura of the gemstones is very much important because it justifies the significance of the gemstone. In the Khanna Gems company the aura of the gemstones are supervised by a team of gemologists headed by Mr. Pankaj Khanna. Here the gemstones are government certified, so you will not be cheated at all for buying gemstones for here. You must consult an astrologer who recommend about the right gemstone and quantity of ratti you have to wear.

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