Children and adults, men and women of all ages do faced different types of health issues these days, due to increasingly wrong lifestyles and poor food habits. Gastroenterology is considered to be that branch of medical science that involves diagnosing and treatment of stomach ulcers, heartburn and acidity. Although when individually taken into consideration, these diseases are not considered to be dangerous, they may perhaps prove to be a warning to the person of more serious health concerns to develop in the near future. Hence, experts like Dr Malay Sharma do state that it is essential for the person at this point of time to find out the duration and severity of gastric disorders that takes place. If the person is affected with such gastric issues, then it becomes essential to consult the top gastroenterologist who can provide the best possible treatment. But, trying to ignore the developed health symptoms will only lead to unwanted severe health issues which only take a dangerous turn in the future. 

Common gastric issues faced

Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD) disease is considered to be commonly faced gastric problem among people of all ages. But this gastric disease takes place in those who tend to consume more chillies in their diet, resort to taking fizzy drinks, excess painkiller medication and smoking. A good percentage of people are found to suffer from this disease on a global scale. Even with advanced medical technology and development of sophisticated devices, unfortunately there is still found no permanent treatment for curing acid reflux issues. The person experiencing GERD issues usually is provided with medications which he is required to use throughout his/her life. But taking such medications for lifelong also comes with its own downsides in the form of side effects upon the body. 

Diagnosing and Treatment

Until now, endoscopic treatment was not available for such patients. But recently, a technique was invented by a well-known Japanese professor that claims to cure the patient completely of his/her refractory acidity issues. The whole procedure undertaken requires just half an hour. In India, the procedure has been further modified to make it more affordable to all the patients who require respite from this impending health issue. This technique can be stated to be a wonderful one that is likely to revolutionize acidity treatment to a great extent and sure to help cure millions across the globe.

This innovative and novel procedure is being currently practiced the world over to help patients to get respite from their ailments and to recover soon. It is conducted by those doctors who are found to be more keen to conduct this technique known as Anti-reflux mucosectomy on patients. Hence, this ailment, what was once known to be incurable is now curable, thanks to this procedure. 

Another study published recently in a well-known journal suggests strong link between the person’s health and his/her psychology. If the person suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), then symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and stomach ache can be relieved with psychological therapy. Although connection that exists between the mind and the body is not recognized by the western world, an obvious link is sure to be noticed in case of IBS, referred to as brain gut axis. However, pregnant treatment or cure is not available to treat irritable bowel syndrome, the associated symptoms however can be reduced with the help of different types of psychological therapies like cognitive therapies and hypnosis. 

Thankfully, the advancements being made in the field of medicines have been providing high hopes of a pain-free and disease-free life to those patients experiencing gastric disorders. Proper diet if not had on a regular basis is likely to cause bad effects on the person and making him to face such unwanted issues for a life time. It will be essential for the patient to consult the top doctors like Dr Malay Sharma who can provide the most appropriate treatment and solution to the impending problems suffered. The healthcare professionals do focus upon tertiary care treatment and do offer immense respite. Before visiting the doctor, it will be important for the patient to undertake some research so as to know the right steps to be taken and those to be avoided.

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