Gardening Hacks

Gardening, as we know, is considered to be a splendid form of art. There is no better feeling in this world than sitting in your own garden and sipping through a hot cup of coffee. However, with time, you must learn the right process of nurturing your garden.

Having a garden of your own might sound fascinating but includes a lot of hard work. Nevertheless, you will find it equally relaxing and fun. As if you might find an escape to connect with nature and enjoy the serenity.

In an era that appreciates innovation and creativity, even something such as gardening can be given a thought to. It will not only make your surroundings look attractive but will also give you peace of mind.

Learn Easy and Creative Gardening Hacks

Whether you want to know about vegetable gardening hacks or want to grow fruits in your backyard, we have got your back. These stellar gardening tips will change the way you think forever, and you are guaranteed to love it. 

Well, we all know about the saying, “Work hard or work smart.” Similarly, in this case,  undoubtedly, there is a lot of effort to be involved. But you must know your way to make it simpler and more fun. Following are the secret tricks that you must live by:

1. Seedling Starter

Seedlings are the basic foundation of a plant that must be taken care of. You must know how to plant grass seed on hard dirt or soil delicately. Initially, they are very sensitive and get damped off very often.

However, we do have a few solutions to this, which might help you to keep them safe and grow plants out of it in a more creative sense.

  • Using cinnamon to stop the spread of the disease, as it has anti-fungal qualities.
  •  Recycling all sorts of elements such as eggshells, lemon rind, old cans, or even plastic bottles for transplanting the seeds.
  • Cardboard tubes are also a good option which you can fill in with soil and plant the seeds, then place them in the garden along with the tube.
  • To speed up the germination process, you can soak and keep your seedlings in warm water a day before sowing them.

2. Protect the Soil

Soil is considered as a building block for the growth of a plant. For effective gardening, one must understand the need for the right kind of soil. Even when you have the perfect soil for your plants, what is much important is that you must know how to maintain it. 

  • Filling the bottom of the ground with old cans and plant pots for deep planters enhance drainage and provide better aeration and healthier soil.
  • When added to the soil, crushed eggshells supply nourishment to the plant by boosting the calcium content.
  •  Ground coffee can also be added in smaller amounts to the soil, which acts as a general fertilizer and increases nitrogen content in the soil.

3.  Root Hydration

Root rot is a serious disorder that harms the plants which grow in damp or wet soil. Often we see, water getting logged at the bottom of plant pots, which causes the plants to decay. A solution to this can be adding sponge bars at the bottom of the pots, which allows:

  • To absorb excess water.
  • To create aeration.
  • To retain the necessary moisture in the soil.

4. How To Kill The Intruders

There is no room for peace anymore if your plants are persistently being afflicted by garden snails and slugs. You must rage a war! If you are a follower of 5-Minute Crafts Garden Hacks, you must know how marvelously they portray each and every aspect of gardening in their videos, including these tips.

  • Using crushed eggshells around the bottom of plants can derange the route of snails due to their disgust for rough surfaces.
  • Setting up a beer trap attracts snails and slugs due to the smell, and as they approach, they fall in and drown.
  • Sprinkling coffee around plants also prevents ants and other pests from destroying the plants.
  • Cut grapefruit skins in half and turn them upside down around your plants to keep the pests away.

5. Coffee-Soil Filter

A very interesting and creative method of repotting your plants is by holding them into coffee filters inside the pots. Using coffee filters to hold the soil:

  • Will block soil seepage.
  • Will keep the bottom drain hole free from clogging up.
  • Will improve the plant’s overall health.

6. Building Your Own Greenhouse

Sometimes you might have a hard time growing seeds out in the open, often due to unfavorable weather conditions. Here, we can bring in the concept of a greenhouse to grow plants inside a glass room under regulated conditions.

You can easily cut off 1/4th part from the bottom of soda bottles or milk jugs to create micro greenhouses. A very innovative way to give a kickstart to the career of those seedlings. The advantages are:

  • Maximizes sunlight and retains the heat absorbed.
  • Growing seasons can be extended.
  • Provides protection from frost, wind, and heavy rain.
  • Pests can be kept away.

7.  Managing Garden Weed

As we all know, weeds are the most unwanted element that a person would want in his garden. However, it is a natural process that cannot be avoided. But I believe there might be a few solutions to tackle this problem.

  • Cardboards and newspapers can be used to cover the garden bed once the mulch and manure are added over the soil in thick layers.
  • Do not over-till your garden.
  • Using vinegar, as it is a natural weed destroyer and will kill it to the root.
  • Also, adding boiling water over the weed will help to demolish them.

Gardening is not only a piece of your admiration and love but also adds value to environmental development. With so much pollution around us, it is necessary that we take small steps to lead an organic and healthy lifestyle. Gardening is such a step towards a better world.


Managing a garden is not as easy as it looks. There might be a lot of obstacles between you and your lovable plants. But as we overcome every problem in our lives, similarly, we can conquer this too.

Now that you know these amazing gardening hacks, I am pretty sure it is going to turn around your and your garden’s life in a whole new way.


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