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Survival games are one of the most appealing ones that a gamer enjoys. Coming from the series, the Ark: Survival Evolved is one of such survival games that one can play. Playing this on your gaming laptop or PCs, you’ll need to know what the minimum requirements are so that you can choose the right settings. 

Let’s find out about this game first: 


As evident from the name, the Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game that can be played using a first-person or third-person perspective. As a player, you’re stranded on an island with dinosaurs, natural hazards and hostile humans. 

The point of the game is to navigate through the island while fighting with prehistoric animals and defending yourself from hostile attacks. The game comes with a campaign mode as well as multiplayer modes from other tribes joining your clan. 


Here are the requirements for playing Ark: Survival Evolved: 

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or above, Linux, macOS 
  • Operating System: 2 GHz Dual Core processor 64-bit CPU 
  • RAM: Minimum 4 GB RAM  
  • GPU: at least 1GB VRAM GPU compatible with DirectX 11 
  • Storage: at least 20GB space; more can be required during updates 
  • DirectX: Version 11 

Choosing the Right Laptop 

Considering the requirements for the game given above, you’ll need something that would offer performance and workability on the go. Here are a few superb choices that you can make: 

Lenovo Legion Y540 

We’ll start with something from Lenovo gaming laptops, particularly from one of its most famous, the Legion series. The Lenovo Legion Y540 comes with great specs, performance, and workability that makes it an ideal choice for playing Ark: Survival Evolved. 

For starters it comes with 9th generation Core i5, featuring 2.4 GHz base and 4.1 max turbo Quad-Core processor. The performance is further elevated with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and 1TB HDD that allows you to store your data while getting a memory boost with SSD. 

Apart from that, it also comes with a 15.6” screen supporting full HD display and 144Hz refresh rate that will bring immaculate graphical results. Not to mention, it comes with IPS panel and a brightness of 300nits with anti-glare integration. This makes this laptop an amazing choice for even using it outdoors. 

Moreover, you also get graphical support from Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB GDDR6 dedicated GPU. This GPU combined with 15.6” FHD display would offer outclass visual results that will provide you with immersive gaming experience. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about heat issues as the Lenovo Legion Y540 features Legion Coldfront mechanism that makes it easier for the laptop to sustain heat issues. From seamless multitasking to playing Ark: Survival Evolved, the Lenovo Legion Y540 brings the right kind of performance you need. 

Acer Nitro AN517-51 

If you’re into the colour red, then this is the right laptop for you. The Acer Nitro AN517-51 is the right choice for you when you need a reliable gaming laptop. For starters, it comes with 9th Gen Intel Core i5 gaming processor with 2.4 GHz base and 4.1 GHz Quad-Core processor. The seamlessness is ensured with uplifting the performance using power from all the cores. In addition, this also comes with 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM that gives performance boost for getting things done. 

When it comes to displaying, the Acer Nitro AN517-51 comes with a 17.3” FHD gaming display that comes with a superb brightness level of 364nit, you get competitive view alongside the colour contrast. As for the GPU, you get NVidia GeForce 1650 4GBB GDDR5 dedicated GPU that offers competitive visual accuracy. Even though it’s not enough for you to run games extensively, it’s still something that would run Ark: Survival Evolved without any hassle. 

The illuminated WASD, 4 stage lighting and rubber dome keyboard allows you to take control of the game to survive without any hassle. Apart from that, it also comes with downward-firing speakers that bring immaculate sound experience that will give the right kind of gaming feel. 


If you’re looking for a combination of AMD and Nvidia, then this is one of the right choices for you. The ASUS TUF FX706DT comes with AMD Ryzen 5-3550H, featuring 2.1GHz base and 3.7 GHz max turbo Quad-Core processor. Apart from that, you get to enjoy 512GB SSD and 8GB RAM that would offer performance boost, minimizing load and boot times. 

As far as the display is concerned, you get 17.3” full HD display with 120Hz screen refresh rate and a cutting edge IPS level NanoEdge display. Not to mention, the TUF series come with MLG-STD-810G standards that are known to protect the laptop from falls, heat, etc. 

As for the graphical accuracy, you get the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB dedicated GPU at your service. You also get HyperCool technology that is present to keep your system cool during intensive gaming tasks. From connectivity to performance, you can easily use this gaming laptop to play Ark: Survival Evolved. 

Closing Note 

The above choices are the ones that you can pick the best gaming laptop for ark survival evolved. These come with great specs and performance that is undoubted. Moreover, you also get top of the line appeal and gaming enhancements can be adjusted to get an immaculate experience. Pick one of these gaming laptops and get on with your instincts to survive in the Ark: Survival Evolved. 

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