The Furniture Giant Craftatoz Is Introducing Traditional Furniture Art In Urban Cities

contemporary furniture products

The Uttar Pradesh-based family-owned furniture store is setting new milestones in the furniture industry with its intricately designed contemporary furniture products.

Furniture is one of the most significant elements of a space. It redefines its beauty and ad more sophistication and class to it. Keeping this thought in mind, the family-owned furniture company Craftatoz ventured into this domain.

Established in the year 1989, the company is known for its creative and artistic assemblage. It owns a manufacturing unit is the furniture capital of the country ‘Saharanpur’. It is associated with skilled and proficient craftsmen having immense experience in crafting furniture marvels. 

Mr Parvez, the visionary co-founder of Craftatoz asserts, “In India, furniture is not just perceived as a décor element, there are lot emotions and sense of ownership that is associated with it. Hence, every piece of furniture that is manufactured and designed in our premise aims at cultivating and connecting with the user. Our furniture is thoughtfully designed taking into consideration the modern trends, latest styles, and upgradations in the industry”. 

Furniture that keeps you connected 

The central ideology that rules the product offering of Uttar Pradesh furniture colossal is to introduce a novel range of furniture products that are captivating, alluring, and concept-driven. They give utmost emphasis on the concept and the theme that furniture displays. Every piece of Furniture here has a story to tell that sets the perfect symphony of texture, style and gives a space the designer feel. 

The furniture keeps you connected with Indian furniture art. The smart detailing, contemporary designs, and various finish options allow one to create a seamless setting with the umpteen furniture options. 

Classy and sophisticated furniture

Furniture segments have evolved considerably. They are no longer preferred only for their utility value and aesthetics. Every element that goes into furniture crafting matters. The urban customers are detail-oriented and give utmost importance to the material, style, pattern, and fabrication of the furniture. There is a huge demand for aesthetically pleasing, durable, robust, and exquisite furniture. 

Craft atoz envisions serving the urban crowd with top-notch quality furniture at unbeatable prices. Their furniture is researched-backed, ergonomic, and made from superior quality wood. Their team of expert Saharanpur-based craftsmen strives to create furniture that is elegant, sophisticated, and cutting-edge. 

The company is exerting day in and day out to upgrade its product list and introduce products that are differentiated and affordable. They thoroughly comprehend the need of urban homes and home designers. Their products boast a perfect combination of furniture art and modernism. The alchemy of designer interior spaces and Avant grade furniture is mesmerizing.

Introducing royal furniture

 Royal and regal furniture are in huge demand due to the rawness and premium feel that they add to space. The distinctive antique and royal furniture are the favourites of interior designers and home designers. It helps one to achieve a meticulous look and add more grace to a premise. Royal furniture products are rare. There are only a few online and offline furniture stores that offer authentic royal furniture. 

Craftatoz is one of its kind online furniture stores with an extensive collection of royal furniture. They have an amazing range of royal furniture made with traditional furniture-making techniques. The intricate detailing, fine art, and incorporation of archetypal design elements give this furniture a smart, vintage, and antique effect.

They are trendsetters in an online furniture store. They have upscaled the furniture market in India with their researched-backed, UpToDate and thought-driven furniture products. The royal furniture here is made from superior quality Sheesham, timber, teak, and other solid wood. They are sturdy and made to last till eternity. 

Keeping up the pace in Digital World

Being a family-owned offline furniture store in Uttar Pradesh, one of the greatest challenges that Craftatoz faced was to speed itself and match the changing requirements of the masses. 

Digitalization offered a great opportunity to expand itself and amplify its reach. However, the zeal and determination to provide the best furniture to its customers kept the company going and triggered it to start its furniture Etailer. 

In 2001, Craftatoz launched its online furniture store with a big band. The online furniture store received a great response from the audience. The visitors were elated with the humungous variety of products, designs, and quality of the furniture is offered. The various features of furniture stores such as customization, built to order, complete assistance, easy payment options, and on-time delivery enhanced the furniture shopping experience of visitors. 

Moving ahead!

The online furniture e-store has the vision to reach every nook and corner of the country with its spectacular range of furniture. It aims at providing a platform to skilled craftsmen and artisans and promotes their furniture art globally. 

The company is making vital modifications in its system to set the new trend and upgrade the furniture industry. 

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