7 Fun Corporate Wellness Activities For Work From Home Employee

Corporate wellness activities have become a staple in many companies. As it is the best way to attract the top talent in the company and keep them happy & productive. 

With robust health and wellness program at work, 80% of remote employees feel engaged and cared by their employers. If you can’t get your employees engaged, then these corporate wellness activities will help you. So, What are you waiting for! Make your own fun initiatives, and try new ideas to engage your remote employees. 

In this article, we will go through some unique corporate wellness activities for work-from-home employees. So, let’s scroll the same.  

corporate wellness activities

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Top 7 Corporates’ wellness activities for work-from-home employees

Group Meditation

Meditation can help to set your employees up for a healthy body and mind. They will be more prepared to navigate the uncertainty and stress in their personal and professional lives by doing meditation. Organize a virtual meditation session and invite your employees to take full advantage of this session. 

Virtual Yoga Sessions

Yoga is one of the best fun wellness activities for remote employees. Also, the managers and leaders overlooked virtual yoga sessions. This is the most proven and effective stress-relief activity. You should organize a virtual yoga session for your remote workers and hire a good trainer for them. 

Nutritional Consultations

Your health is your wealth! Nutritional consulting is the best wellness activity for corporates as you are what you eat. So, hire a nutritionist for virtual nutritional and one-to-one consultations to support your remote employees’ dietary well-being. 

Mental Health Workshops

A healthy mind is the greatest treasure to find. When your employees are mentally happy they will give you their best. So, organizing a mental health workshop is also the best wellness activity for work-from-home employees. You want to create a free space for your remote employees to talk out about mental health issues.

Motivational Workshops

When your workers feel low, organize a motivational workshop for them. Hearing some inspirational and motivational workshops always works to boost up their morale, mood, and productivity and give inspiration. Host a Virtual workshop with firefighters, soldiers, doctors, and anyone who are the front-line warriors in our battle against the pandemic.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Remote works make employees procrastinate and demotivated even more. Thus, only a few people indulge in exercising despite having the time. That’s why virtual fitness classes are the best way to encourage your remote employees to take account of their fitness while working remotely. 

Goal Sharing Sessions

One of the activities in your wellness program that can help you share personal milestones and foster a collaborative spirit is goal sharing. Checking in with the team on this exercise regularly ensures that they are all working towards the same goals.

To Sum Up

You have to face various challenges when working in a remote team. Without specific structures and systems, lack of human touch, constant disruptions, or engagement, an employee is at more risk of mental health issues and productivity challenges. Managers and leaders should engage and motivate their remote teams with these virtual wellness activities. We hope our corporate wellness activities ideas encourage you. These ideas will empower your team’s health and wellness and encourage a positive, happy, and productive remote team.


What is a virtual wellness program?

Virtual corporate wellness programs are activities that are designed to enhance the health and wellness of remote employees. The main purpose of these programs is to manage and prevent chronic disease to lower health. Also, they aim to enhance the workers’ productivity and morale and improve their quality of life. 

How do you start a virtual wellness program?

To start a wellness program for your remote team, you must first learn about their current health and willingness to improve. Then you’ll want to create wellness programs for the majority (if not all) of your team members. While it’s important to move as a group, don’t try to force any program on them; it’ll backfire and make them dislike you even more. Instead, extend the invitation and allow the team to spread happiness among the members; your goal remains to make them feel better.