How Does Fretron’s Help Cement Manufacturers To Reduce Freight Costs?

freight cost

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Problems faced by cement manufacturer:

 1. High Freight cost despite existing fixed freight charges

 2. Reduced buying power and loss of sale

 3. Inefficient vehicle procurement process

 4. Lack of Visibility into data

Solutions to overcome the problems:

 1. Digitized freight sourcing

 2. Reduced freight cost

 3. Empowered by data and analytics


1. Reduced order-dispatch time 

2. Increased employee productivity

3. Reduced freight costs

4. Increased transporter participation



freight cost

Cement Plants in India and other countries have a large construction and production demand. The process includes shipping and packaging of cement in plastic or paper bags, and dispatch to warehouses, depots and customer sites. This requires reliable and efficient logistics handling of loading, counting, weighing and dispatching of cement bags.

So, first of all we have discussed about problems that is faced by cement manufacturer:

1. High Freight cost despite existing fixed freight charges:

During the peak demand phase carriers demanded high freight rates citing a lack of vehicle availability. The rate rises high when the material is unloaded and carried on road for further distance and if the material is brought from or taken to hinterlands, transportation cost by road increases. The industry relies heavily on road transport for movement of clinker to cement.

2. Reduced buying power and loss of sale:

High rates/loss of sale due to the increased time spent to find and confirm the transporters during spot queries.

3. Inefficient vehicle procurement process:

Manual allocation of loads via calls, emails, or in person dialogue, etc. Low collaboration and transparency.

4. Lack of Visibility into data:

Inaccurate data is one of the major challenges. Decreased operational productivity with no clear track of total trips dispatched, total vehicles reported on time, confirmed loads, freight value, active transporters, etc.

Now, there are some solutions to overcome the problems that mentioned above:

Find how our freight sourcing suite helped the cement manufacturer digitize vehicle procurement and cut down freight costs.

1. Digitized freight sourcing: 

Our solution coupled with their existing ERP platform helped procure vehicles on time and at the best price. Automation of communications is equal to improved employee productivity.

2. Reduced freight cost:

Our transparent reverse auction method helped them to get the lowest quote for freight across all their truckloads.

3. Empowered by data and analytics:

Fretron’s real-time audit compliant reports gave the C-level executives insights into important data like dispatches, freight value transacted, overall highs and lows in freight , carrier performance, etc.


1. Order-dispatch time reduced by 20-30%

2. Employee Productivity increased by 40-50%

3. Freight costs reduced by 2-5 %

4. Transporter participation increased by 20-30%


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