Which Is The Best Freight Type For Your Business?

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Your E-commerce site is all set for the global launch and you’ve excelled at most sections of your business. Imagine this – your launch event was far more brilliant than you estimated, people actually liked your products and the offers that you provide them with and now they want to place bulk orders with your business. That for any entrepreneur is like a dream come true. What’s the catch? Well, it isn’t as much of a catch to be exact as it is a fundamental fact for any international businesses. Just a quick recap, you have got a lot of big bulk orders to be processed and while all other segments are taken care of, the logistics aren’t. What are the odds that your organization faces a threat of coming off as an amateur one because of bad shipping? Plenty! We’re living in a fast paced world, if you don’t deliver on time it’s better you don’t deliver at all. So how do you curb that? Two ways : you either take care of the entire process yourself or you get it planned and executed by a freight forwarding company. The costs, time and results vary majorly in both of these plans.  

Planning and fanning out all the routes and modes,the documentation process, getting custom clearances and a couple other extensive processes, that’s what it takes to ship internationally on your own. No one has got that kind of time. As a matter of fact, other segments of business will start lagging behind if all your focus and money is diverted to 1PL logistics unless you’re a business giant which in all honesty, won’t be such a smart decision to make even then. 

Businesses today get their logistics taken care of by 3PL which provides them with numerous benefits such as undivided focus on all the other segments of the business, faster shipping process from procurement to delivery, all the aforementioned cargo requirements taken care of and that too, at a far cheaper rate. These freight forwarding company have a large network of agents and mediating agencies across the globe that take full care of every aspect of the international shipping process.    

Now that you’ve got this decision sorted out for you, how do you move forward? It is to be kept in mind that depending on the type, weight and delivery time requirement for your shipment, the 3PL logistics will ask you to give a freight type preference. In a Nutshell, in most cases, it’s you who has to decide the freight type you need for your business in general and for some consignments in specific. 

Here’s a quick reference guide to all types of freights to help you make your decision :

1. Air Shipping :

Aircraft is the mode of shipment for this category. Without a doubt, this is the fastest method of shipping the world has so far as it is convenient, useful and doesn’t have to overcome as many natural barriers as the other shipping methods. 

This added benefit of air cargo makes it accessible to all regions irrespective of land divisions and related obstructions, ultimately making it highly feasible. While most items can be delivered through air freight, extremely heavy weight consignments or the ones rather big in size aren’t the best fit for this method. 

The numerous added advantages to this shipping method also makes it the most expensive of all. This logic is the reason why air freight is mostly referred to as express shipping for all e-commerce firms globally.

 But these expenses have to be incurred by businesses if they’re to ship perishable goods which can be delivered only through this freight mode as delivery through an aircraft usually takes upto 1-2 days maximum for domestic flights. For international flights, this duration varies highly from region to region. 

Some added benefits of air cargo include :no extra handling or movement of cargo before the transit, less paperwork and documentation needs, dependable time of transit and more security of consignments. 

2. Land Freight :

Land shipping is probably the most primitive type of transporting goods. This is the most valuable form with regards to conveying goods domestically or across adjoining borders. Trucks are regularly used to transport goods by means of roads, as they have ample space to ship bulkier things like materials for construction and even vehicles. This method of shipping is relatively less expensive than the others. Notwithstanding, it may take more time for the goods to arrive at the drop location . 

One more type of land freight transport is railways. There are two primary choices with regards to shipping goods by rail.

In the event that your business is found near a station, you can straightforwardly stack your goods onto the train and have it shipped to its drop location . Shipping on land is more appropriate for items that are rather bulky. You can ship things like coolers, TVs, ACs, etc.using this method of transport. 

At the point when you ship through land, it is normally referred to as the standard shipping measure as the time taken is nearly higher. 

3. Sea Freight :

Shipping can be done through large water bodies for different purposes like military or business. It is the strategy used to transport rather massive amounts of items through freight ships where goods are stuffed in compartments and are additionally stacked into a vessel.

 Nearly everything can be shipped through the ocean, be that as it may, it isn’t prescribed to ship freight through the ocean when you need your item to be conveyed quickly.

Sea cargo gives shippers a conservative alternative to ship enormous and massively large goods without agonizing over the size and volume of the goods being an issue. The most usual items transported via ocean include: Agri-items,  Coal, Motors,  Iron metal, Metals,  Minerals, Petrol, Steel items. 

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