Freelancing VS Agency: Which One Is Better For Content Marketing?

freelancing vs agency

The International Market Demands change day by day. This is especially in the case of the rising interest in Digital Marketing and particularly Content Marketing. So, on this condition, some employers should decide whether to choose freelance employees or trust the Marketing Strategies to Agency. Therefore, we are here to reveal which one is better for Content Marketing: Freelancing or Agency.

Some hints about Freelancing and Agency

Now, we will define the two phases in order to understand them deeply.


is a person who is hired by the company on an outsource basis. The company or an individual can hire him/her both for one project and for a lasting job.


have an established team. They raise awareness thanks to the representative managers who complete all the legal contract processes and collaboration details.

Advantages of Freelancing

360 Digital Marketing Agency: Unboxfame- Having an opportunity to set a flexible schedule:

Being a freelancer means you may regulate the number of working materials, select your day-offs and accept as many projects as you can definitely complete.

Getting a huge variety of project proposals:

Sometimes the same work and project that you do on an everyday basis may seem boring. Yet, being a freelancer you will be able to take on a big variety of projects and topics simultaneously.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

Mandatory taxes:

If you are a freelancer and find new projects on freelancing websites or other platforms you need to pay for their service. And sometimes they might take high taxes and fees.

Lack of important benefits:

One of the weak sides of freelancing is the lack of necessary benefits that are sometimes given to the in-house employees, such as free training, team meetings, health insurance, etc.

Lack of stable income:

Some people are not able to become freelancers due to this disadvantage. Sometimes finding a new project or cooperation might be difficult and take a long time. Besides, it does not promise you a stable monthly income.


We may call this a psychological disadvantage. As a big part of the freelancers work alone and isolated without seeing their team members that can be spread in different parts of the world. We also provide content copyright services for your business.

Advantages of Content Marketing Agencies

Agencies involve many content writers in the same place:

This is the reason why some business owners prefer to choose agencies. This eases their work. Professional content writers may complete the project tasks simply and effectively. Besides, you may get not only content writing services but also SEO and keyword optimization. In addition to it, you will gain web design, video tutorials, reviews, promotional ones, etc. For example, the WPGlob Content Marketing Agency prepares WordPress tutorials, tips, and reviews with experienced SEO specialists, vloggers, content writers, and web designers. That is why some people decide to choose agencies rather than hire a single freelancer or in-house employee. 

You will get a full staff that will work on your digital or physical product marketing:

Continuing the above-mentioned point, we would like to mention the fact that teamwork might be more effective than the efforts of one person.

Agency trains its employees:

As we have already mentioned agencies pay for their trained employees by managing some practical training, team meetings, and presentations. In this way, you will not waste your time and money.

Disadvantages of Content Marketing Agencies

They might change your unique “signature” on the project:

This happens for some reason. And one is that the agency writers, designers, and other specialists have their own working style.

Agency’s service may cost high:

If you want to get totally professional work and a full package of content marketing services then you must consider that it will cost higher than hiring a single specialist. If you are looking for logo copyright services you can contact our experts. 

Summing up

So we have discussed a topic that is highly important today. Especially, when all the businesses start their product sales online and Digital Marketing becomes widely spread. And in this case, it is essential to thoroughly be informed about the mentioned hiring processes to reach success in your own business. Here we mentioned all the cons and pros of these two methods. And all you need to do is decide which one is better for content marketing: freelancing or agency.