Freelancing tips for beginners

Freelancing tips

Freelancing is not as fancy as it seems. A full time worker may find the idea of freelancing appealing but behind the scenes, freelancers put in a lot of effort to keep the fire burning. Although there are many pros of working as a freelancer yet you must keep in mind, nothing comes easy. You need to be patient and vigilant to in the initial years of freelancing. So if you are on a hunt for freelance jobs do your ‘homework’ properly.

What kind of freelance jobs are available all over the World?

Those who believe freelancing is limited to a particular field, they are wrong! From content writing, interior designing to social media marketing and public relations, you can find options open in almost all fields today.

If you are a beginner in freelancing business, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Pay attention on your cv: Your profile needs to look appealing. Freelancing is not just about your efforts, but also about the way your present yourself and your work. Make sure that you post your decent photograph in the resume. Do not dare to post selfie or profile pictures. It will otherwise look very unprofessional. Check if you have updated the skills that you did not possess earlier.

You may be smart but the clients are smarter than you. Never pendown skills that you do not possess, otherwise it is you who will bell the cat. Include links to your work in your resume. The client will always like to see samples of your work. Thus, always mention links to your documents beforehand, this gives clients complete picture about your work.

  • Be active on social media: Even if you do not like mingling with new people, you need to become a social media freak. The more you are active on social media, the more connections you make. There are many pages on social networking sites that upload posts related to freelance jobs regularly.

Follow the pages or connect with other freelancers as well. Strike a conversation. The more you interact with them the more you will get an idea what freelancing is all about. Also, social media can provide you a digital platform where you can share or exchange your notions with other freelancers and can learn something from them. Social media is also a place that can open up prospects for you. You can connect with clients and find a freelance job.

  • Refine your skills: No matter how good you are at something, there is no limit to learning. And if talking about freelance business, the freelance world has got very tough competitors. There will always be someone who will be better than you. Thus, you need to brush up your skills to establish yourself in competitive world and make an identity of your own. Go for pine tests for free to test your own skills.

Refining your skills will improve the quality of your work, plus you will get the advantage of keeping yourself abreast of the latest trends in the market. This will also help in adding clients in your list. Thus, more clients and projects means more income.

  • You may have to settle for less initially: Nothing comes easy, for success you need to fight hard. Thus, initially do not expect people to pay you higher per project. Starting with less pay is okay. You will learn eventually once you are used to in the world.

Moreover, people usually do not take chances, thus are more likely to pay less to the freshers.

Hence, make sure that you do not continue rejecting projects in the hope of being paid really handsome amount. You need to sow the seeds to get the ripe fruit. Therefore, start with lesser pay and gradually once you brush your skills and gain experience, you can increase your fee.

  • Research work is important: To learn more, and gain knowledge do the research work daily. Things keep changing fast today, thus you need to have complete knowledge about niche that you work for or the projects of clients you are working on.

You need to be vigilant enough about the latest trends about the projects. Browse through the internet or read books or newspapers. The more you read, the more you will learn.

So these are a few tips that every new freelancer must follow. So begin your journey as a freelancer with hope to win the race.

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