Freelance UI/UX Designer: Pros & Cons

freelancing UI UX designers

Are planning a branding or rebranding initiative? No matter what is the size of your venture but if it’s in the digital world then the UI/UX is essential and the quality of the same can’t be neglected. The advancement of technology is immense and with the emergence of the competitive website is never-ending. Hence, if you wish your website or mobile app to excel and be popular amongst the users, hiring a UI/UX designer is essential.

When it’s time to choose a designer there is a common concern among people with a new venture if they should hire an agency or choose a freelance UI/UX designer. If you have an already existing reputed brand, choosing a freelance can be a risky choice and an efficient choice at times. Let’s go through a list of pros and cons that can help you make a better decision about hiring a freelance UI/UX designer

Credibility Matters 

Agency: An agency offers a prebuilt reputation and one can go for it without a second thought. Information regarding the same is easy to track by analyzing the reviews. One can also see the past work of the agency for an overview.  

Freelance: Engaging a freelance web designer with your venture can get tricky if there is not enough information available about it. As freelance are mushrooming every day it can be tough to find someone who delivers excellent work.  

Hence as we speak of trust and credibility it’s mostly about your luck and if you can’t take a chance just choose an agency.


Agency: An agency is a rigid entity when it comes to pricing. Hence as you hire an agency be prepared that it’s going to cost you a lot. This is because they work with a multifaceted team of experts and the input of everyone matters. 

Freelance: A freelance web developer works alone hence the investment comes down which in turn brings down their cost too. The expenditure will be less than half when just one individual has involved and not a whole team. 

So, if you have a budget constraint then choosing a freelancer over an agency is the best option when it’s to hiring a UI/UX designer. 

Content Quality 

Agency: A UX designing agency represents its brand image hence there is an assurance that its content quality will be great. When one signs up for an agency it’s a long-term engagement as compared to freelance so delivering good content directly affects the brand image of the agency. 

Freelance: The driving factor for progress can be slightly less as a freelancer get paid for the amount of work they deliver. The factor that just one person is working on your project can limit the creativity and content quality too. 

If you prefer to have a team to brainstorm ideas and discuss the agency is a good choice as they have creative teams. 

After going through the pros and cons of a freelance UI/UX designers you will be able to make a better choice. If quality is something you can’t compromise with then an agency can give you the assurance that they will deliver as promised. You don’t even have to spend time building trust between you and the agency. But in the case of a budget, you can choose to work with a freelance UI/UX designers as this will help you get your work done in a cost-effective manner. As you looking for an amazing UI/UX designer don’t forget to connect with one of the top-ranking designers Narender Rana. Explore the website of Narender Rana and connect to get your project started today.