What are the free SEO tools and the alternative of SEMrush?

free SEO tools

In the work of Digital marketing and advanced SEO the need of free SEO tool and the alternative of SEMrush is important nowadays. The need of SEO tools and SEMrush is best for doing the most experienced SEO in any website because it is best features of SEO which improve overall performance and as well as ranking of your website. There are so many tools and SEMrush which is available on decent prices using SEMrush Coupons but here we talking the tools and SEMrush which is free for you and best for use of your website and for its performance. So here you get the brief explanation of all the free SEO tools and the alternatives of SEMrush.

Free SEO tools and SEMrush which is best for your website:

Google Analytics: 

It is one of the most effective tool of SEO which is an online marketer which is very needful to you. You can’t live without this. It is the best source of finding any kind of high quality data and information like Google Analytics.  Google analytics help in your site to see all the visitors and, traffic and anything that you want.

Google Search Console: 

As like that Google analytic is much needed for a website holder Google Search Console is also much needed if you run a website. With the help of google search console help you to understand that how your website is performing well in the organic results.  It simple helps you to access your content, and helps to monitor and spam issue on your website. It can also help you to post new content to crawl and easily help to remove the old one.


It is the one of that tool of SEO which is one man army for your website. From Ubersuggest you will easily get to know what your competitors are doing with their website and how competitors will make a strategy to take best advantages of holes in the market. You can easily start any kind work which you find from Ubersuggest.


It is the best tool which provide the complete information about the website on which you are visit right now. You can set the position of MozBar on your site at top or bottom of your site. It provide information of the website include with DA and PA of that site and also show spam score. So it is the best too for you if you doing an advertisement of your website on any other site so that you have to know about that site that is it good and worthy in the eyes of google?

SEOworkers Analysis Tool:

With the help of this tool you can generate a report or information of any other website even which is not yours. It doesn’t provide new to you but it can easily provide old data and information of any website in few minutes.

Monitor Backlinks: 

As you know that for improving the rank and worth of your website the work of backlinks is matter the most for you. If you want to rank your website in every keyword then you have to build a best backlink profiler in your website. Monitor backlink help you to check out the quality of link which your website have. You can also check the backlink profile of your competitor to check the most valuable resources from where he can find out the best backlinks.

So at the end we say that this are the best and free SEO tools and the alternative of SEMrush which you can used any time you want in your website along with SEO. So if you ever want to make a best and professional SEO in your website and saw in the top of the rank then you have to follow this tools and used it right now.

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