Free CAD Software for 3D Printing 2022

free cad software

There is much Computer-aided design software in the market. But not all of them have in them the facility to create 3D printings. 3D printing is the process of creating 3D models which can later be used for the creation of 3D printed designs. Good Free CAD Software for 3D Printing that can be used for the process of 3D printing, should come with the following features- 

  1. Must meet the complex needs of the user
  2. Should be easy to use for the learners as well
  3. Should come with tools to ease the work of the user
  4. Should be a fast and quick software
  5. There should be a good stock of items that can be used while creating various types of models.
  6. Should be able to create models from different fields such as mechanical, electrical, architecture, etc. 

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Free Software for 3D Printing

There are so many CAD-free software for 3D printing available in the market but below here we have only provided some of the best options for you.


  • FreeCAD is an open-source free CAD software for 3D printing, which is widely used for parametric modeling. It is a good option for creating 3D designs, especially in the field of mechanical engineers. 
  • It is well-known for its accuracy, which means that there are very few or no loopholes at all in the models that are created. FreeCAD can be used by intermediate-level users or highly expert users. 
  • For 3D printing, it can export a wide range of formats such as STL and OBJ, making it a good option for 3D modeling and printing.
  • FreeCAD can be used on Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux OS.

Fusion 360

  • It is easy to use, yet powerful software, which contains all the features and tools which are required for various kinds of modeling purposes. 
  • You can do parametric, surface, mesh modeling, etc. using Fusion 360. It comes with a personal use license, which is free to use for people such as students, teachers, small start-ups, etc. 
  • Fusion 360 allows STL exports for the purpose of 3D printing, which makes it a good option. It comes with great tools and features leading to high-end solutions. 
  • This Free CAD software for 3D printing can be used on Windows OS and Mac OS. Fusion 360 is a good option for professionals and intermediate users. 


  • Blender is another open-source software that is used by a lot of users because of its free nature and the large number of tools it comes with. 
  • It can be used for 3D modeling, texturing, skinning, animation, smoke simulation, etc. It can also be used as video editing software. 
  • A blender is a feature-rich software, which is widely used for the purpose of 3D printing. Yet this Free CAD software for 3D printing is difficult to learn and master software. 
  • Blender is mostly used by advanced professionals. It can be used on Windows Os, mac OS, and Linux OS. 


  • TinkerCAD is regarded as one of the most popular 3D modeling and printing tool, used specifically for educational purposes. 
  • The users can export the products that they have designed in the STL format for the purpose of 3D printing. It is a platform that is so easy that it is widely used by beginners in this field. 
  • TinkerCAD comes with many projects and learning resources, which make it a preferable option for teachers and students. 
  • It does not need any computer requirements, as it is web-based, and thus can work on any device. 

3D builder

  • 3D builder is a very easy-to-use free technical drawing software with a simple interface, which makes it the best choice for learners. 
  • Also, it is totally free to use but comes with many features and tools. Using 3D builder, you can work on STL, OBJ, and 3MF files. 
  • 3D builder is a great option for projects such as 3D modeling and 3D printing. It comes with a library, where you can have access to all your projects. 
  • 3D builder is an application that is integrated into Windows and can be used only on Windows OS. 


  • It is a great Free CAD software for 3D printing option widely used for the purpose of 3d modeling and printing. You can even elaborate your designs with the help of Meshmixer. 
  • Meshmixer comes with a lot of tools that the user can use for sculpting, meshing, re-meshing, or smoothening its 3D models. 
  • To get a complete hold of this software, one needs to learn or practice with some time, and thus, it is not the best option for complete beginners. 


  • OnShape is considered to be an all-in-one software, as it is a versatile CAD program. It does a lot more than just designing 3D models. 3D printing also comes under its purview. 
  • Users can use it for team collaboration, data management, parametric modeling, and it is most widely used for the purpose of creating technical models such as spare parts. 
  • OnShape is free-to-use free CAD software for 3D printing software for those who are ready to share their designs over a creative license, which is common for all. Although, the free version does not come with all the features that it has to offer. 
  • It is browser-based software, which is used mostly by professionals of high or intermediate levels. 

Mentioned above are some of the free-to-use software which can be used for the purpose of 3D modeling and printing. Some of them come with limitations while some of them are completely free to use without any limitation.

Based on your expertise level and your system requirements, you can choose the perfect option for you with the help of the description written above.