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Facebook advertising

Facebook is not only a social giant but above all an advertising giant. You probably already know (if not, you will learn in a moment) how powerful advertising tools it makes available to its users. It is about more than just using the “Promoted Post” option on the page, which the website itself often encourages. Today we have a full range of advertising formats that can be used to promote your brand, bearing in mind different marketing goals. Learn more about goals and Facebook Ads formats!

Choose a Goal and be seen

Let’s start from the beginning, and so choose your marketing goal. This is a key task because it determines the success of an advertising campaign. Among the available options, we have many specific intentions to choose from, which can be assigned to more general categories – they are recognition (awareness), activity (actions) and conversion.

“Did you know that created ads can appear in several places? Not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, on Audience Network and Messenger.”

Campaigns for recognition should be started especially when you are just starting out with business and your brand is not yet recognizable, but also in a situation where you have to offer a new product or service and want to show off this fact. The specific goals of “Brand Recognition”, “Reach” and “Video Views” will help you with this. Are you wondering if you will get the intended effect? Buy Facebook Followers UK is also a good practice to increase the engagement and attract more followers to your business page. Facebook’s algorithms will adjust campaign parameters to achieve the best results for a given goal. Of course, you can also set them yourself, which we encourage.

In the event that people associate the brand, but have not yet become its customers, you should get them to be active. Let recipients take specific actions that you care about. Maybe it will be installing the application, visiting the website (generating traffic), leaving contact details, activity (likes of the page, responses to the invitation, to the post – like, comment, sharing and taking advantage of the offer), displaying the movie, and maybe sending a message, thanks which conversation will be possible? All these activities are possible thanks to Facebook advertising tools.

However, once you have acquired recipients (fans) on your Facebook page, it’s time to take action that will benefit your company – focus on conversion. To do this, use the “Online conversion”, “Catalog sales” or “Company visits” options. The first two are aimed at increasing online conversion, and thus increasing the number of transactions carried out. In turn, the latter is an attempt to connect the virtual world with the real, when customers search for information on the web (including on Facebook) using mainly mobile devices – just too easily reach places of interest to them in the real world and make their purchase.

Many Ad Formats, Many Possibilities

The basic formats of Facebook Ads are individual photos and graphics. It is important that they are of high quality because they are to attract users’ eyes and encourage them to act. However, this is not all. There are several other formats, such as a single movie, carousel, slide show, and new collections.

Today, video plays a big role. With the help of image, sound, and movement, you can convey a lot of information about your business or specific products. It is a form much liked by users and very popular among them. Importantly, Facebook treats not only a typical MP4, MOV or .avi file as a movie, because the video category also includes gifs.

“It is worth remembering that mobile users prefer short video ads, the length of which does not exceed 15 seconds. It is important to include at this time the marketing message with which we want to reach a selected group of recipients.”

A very attractive form is also the so-called carousel, i.e. the use of two to ten cards (images or films) in one advertisement, each of which may have a separate link. Carousel ads are very often used by brands because they give the opportunity to present content in a very creative way. It is a way to present several products within one campaign or one product in different angles. In addition, such campaigns are more capacious than single images or video and interactive – users willingly move individual carousel cards horizontally and click on them.

The site also gives you the opportunity to create a slide show, which is called light format video. This form has definitely less weight than a classic movie, so it works when users have worse connection speeds (e.g. when using the network on mobile devices in locations with weaker coverage). These forms of posts often have large ranges, and due to their visual attractiveness, they encourage interaction, which is the basis of brands’ operation on social networking sites.

The latest format for mobile devices that have recently appeared in Facebook advertising options is the so-called collection. Thanks to it, up to 50 products can be presented in one advertisement. The first view presents the main movie, image or slide show, followed by four products. Buy Facebook Likes UK so that your posts on Facebook can be easily boosted. If there are more of them, the last one has the inscription “More” – after clicking on it, additional products are displayed (everything is done in the Facebook application). Only in the next stage, by clicking on a specific product, we are transferred to a website or application where you can make a purchase.

As you can see, Facebook Ads is an extensive advertising system through which you can promote your products and services, as well as the business itself. Individual forms will work well both in the marketing activities of online stores and local companies from various industries, as well as nationwide or international brands. When preparing Facebook advertising campaigns, it is necessary to remember about the technical requirements of the attached materials, restrictions on the amount of text in photos or videos, as well as the number of characters in the headers or descriptions of the ad.

If these activities are too complicated for you, please contact us – we will help you launch and optimize advertising both on Facebook and other websites and applications.

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