Why to Choose Food Panda Clone Script for Food Delivery Business?

Foodpanda Clone

We are all aware that the food industry is the one that is expanding in a drastic manner. Presently, food delivery is a business that is in trend. There are many restaurant owners who are also looking further to provide food delivery services through a mobile application. On demand food delivery apps have made lives better, it is now become very easy to get food anywhere at any time. All you have to do is just open any food delivery app and place your order, within half an hour you will receive your food at your given location. It is way much simple.

However, deciding a food delivery business tool is very difficult to choose as there are many in the market. Very less are preferred to be the best like Foodpanda clone script. Foodpanda is known to be one of the best food ordering and delivery apps according to the customers. Foodpanda is serving more than 200 cities all around the world and had partnered with 28,000 restaurants. There are almost 15,000 of food delivery riders working for Foodpanda. The services of Foodpanda are just amazing.

Its clone script can help the restaurant owners who are looking further for better mobile app solution for food delivery as it will provide better and flexible food delivery service. Foodpanda clone script is the best solution for the food delivery start-up business.

Foodpanda Clone Script

It is not just a single app; it comes with a complete package that includes multiple things. Let’s find them out!

Customer App

There will be one customer app, a platform from where customers will be able to place food orders. It is one separate app only for the people who want to place food orders. Through this Foodpanda clone app, they will be able to take a look at the restaurant menus and will be able to order their favourite food. This app for customers has various features like GPS, integrated map to track the delivery person, multiple payment options including Cash On Delivery and also review & rating too.

Store App

This part of the Foodpanda clone script is for the restaurant owners, from here the restaurant owner can manage all the food orders. They can manage their food menu or can even update it. They can also accept and decline the order according to the availability. Through the store app, the owner can manage his or her restaurant staff, order detail, payments and much more.

Admin Panel

Well, this is one of the most important parts of any on demand application. It is for the owner of the app from where he or she can manage the commission price and other things regarding food delivery. You can even take it as the heart of the Foodpanda clone script. The owner of the app is only allowed to enter inside the admin panel.

How to get FoodPanda Clone Script?

There are two simple ways to get Foodpanda clone script; either you can hire an app developer to develop an app like Foodpanda for you. This process will take a lot of time and money too. Or else, you can purchase a Foodpanda clone script from any clone app providing company.

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