Humans today have an exceptionally busy as well as hectic life which in turn goes on to suggest that they in fact don’t have adequate time after work to prepare their favoruite dishes stepping into the kitchen either for themselves or for their loved ones for that matter which in turn has led to the popularity of what we call the food delivery apps. 

Thanks to the presence of these food delivery apps in fact the food delivery market in fact has gone onto becoming a 200 billion dollar market which has scope of extracting more revenues in the years to come so as to say. 

So what are the unique attributes of the on demand app development and how does the app operate that goes into helping the market in turn generate so many billions after all? Here’s discussing the same in detail below. 

Unique Standout Nature of the Food Delivery App

The app works in an extremely smooth yet swift manner. All that the user has to do is enter the app and provide details pertaining to their location. As soon as this step gets performed they get a list of restaurants nearest to them from which they can tap on the one that suits them and thereafter they need to tap on the meals they need and place the order with the time, date as well as address and get the order confirmed. 

Thereafter, the customer can track the order and get notified as soon as the delivery is made thereby making the app extremely easy to use as well as operate both at the same time. 

So now that you know how this app works you now must be wondering about the unique characteristics of this app. 

Here are some of the same listed below. 

  1. Customize Meals which offers customers the flexibility to make customizations in the meals and add toppings etc to their meals as per their taste. 
  2. Meal Track supporting the customer to know the whereabouts of their delivery and be notified of the exact time of arrival of the meals. 
  3. Manage Orders supports the restaurants to easily keep a precise record of all the orders and thereafter have them dispatched in an overall smooth yet swift manner. 

Thanks to all these unique characteristics in fact the food delivery app has in turn gone onto entice the attention of new food delivery industry owners in terms of building the same for their new food delivery startup and also has led to a rising level of competition between many food delivery apps that you may actually come across on your respective Android or iPhone device. 

Currently there are two apps that have been vying huge level of competition amongst each other namely, Foodora and Doordash. 

Here’s comparing the both in detail below. 

Comparing Foodora and Doordash and Its Services

Both these apps have built a name in terms of providing quick and quality food delivery services, however, if we think closely about the competition between these two in detail then Doordash shall win the race as it charges a reasonably less amount of commission from the delivery drivers which in turn goes on to suggest that the delivery drivers have a scope to earn a good amount of money through the deliveries of meals they offer to the customers. 

Finally, the delivery charges that get charged from the customers for the food delivery they order is low on Doordash in comparison to that of Foodora. 

So thus concluding if we have to actually make a conclusion on stating the better on demand food delivery app between Foodora and Doordash then undoubtedly due to the factors mentioned above Doordash will win the same. 

By Darbaar

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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