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Plastic is one of the most important materials when it comes to packaging. It is a form of any package or any part of a package whose shape can be altered. Plastic packaging materials are used by almost every company in some way or another. Some examples of plastic packaging materials are bags, pouches, polythene, etc. Every food processing company uses plastic materials like food packaging pouches for packaging or for keeping their products fresh for a long time. Below we will discuss the top 5 packaging pouch manufacturers in India.

Kiran Plastics

The company has secured a firm place in the pouch industry by making timely error-free delivery to its customers with transparent business dealings. It was established in 2003 as a sole proprietorship firm. The annual turnover is 5 to 10 crores at present. The number of employees is currently working in the company is 26-50 people. The company exports globally & meets the international market standard. It is involved in manufacturing & exporting products like a laminated pouch, food packaging pouch, shopping bag, plastic bag, etc. these are made utilizing superior grade raw materials, & the products are moisture-proof, high in strength, stitched, perfectly designed. The raw materials that are used for manufacturing these products procured from the market after their experts survey the condition of raw materials from market vendors. This has enabled the company to deliver quality products to their customers timely & in a cost-effective manner.

Jagannath Polymers Pvt Ltd

Jagannath Polymers Pvt Ltd was established twenty years ago as a plastic packaging material manufacturing company in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They have always adapted to new technology and catered to the necessity of quality packaging. The company has turned into a huge tree that has many branches and is one of the leading suppliers of Multilayer or Monolayer Blown Films, Extrusion Laminated Products, and Tapes, Two or Three Layers of Flexible Laminates. JPPL has also established itself as a food packaging pouch industry which includes packaging of salt, flour, pulses, snacks, etc. The pouches have been customized accordingly. The pouches keep the foods & their aromas safe, keep them moisture-proof. These are popular worldwide to their customers for their quality & cost-effective manner. The pouches are a solution to spillage issues, they are guaranteed & laboratory tested waterproof, durable & hygienic to users, these are highly optimized & transfer no color in good.

Sanjiv Flexi Pack Pvt Ltd

The company is established in 2000 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Currently annual turnover is 25 to 50 crores. And the total number of employees ranges from 101-500 people. It is a company of manufacturing, exporting & importing. The company is constantly innovating in the field of flexible packaging & focuses on consistency & excellence in quality, channelizes to develop world-class packaging material to ensure that they provide on-time quality products delivered to its clients by building a team of employees & associates who are the best in business. SFPPL is an organization with a truly global approach. The products are crafted to appeal to local & global customers with innovation & creativity by adapting world-class technologies.

Rkp Polybags Pvt. Ltd.

Rkp Polybags Pvt. Ltd. Was established in the year 2008. It has been exporting a wide range of products like printed laminated pouches, food packaging pouches, multilayer packaging rolls, etc. With a turnover of 10 to 25 crores & employed 26-50 people, the company is engaged in the manufacturing & exporting game. The production capacity goes beyond 400 tonnes per month. The products are made from high-quality raw materials like LDPE, CPP, BOPP & Foil Films. With the help of sophisticated infrastructure, the company can manufacture a big amount of foils & pouches that meet the international standard because of its custom design & high quality. They mainly focus on delivering products timely without compromising quality.

Vee Dee Enterprises

The enterprise was established in 1998 & is one of the leading enterprises for food packaging pouches. The company manufactures a large quantity & also exports to its global clients every month. It has also created a top-notch position for packaging materials in the global market with an export percentage of around 50% of its products. Their range of food packaging material includes pharmaceutical packaging material, agricultural packaging, confectionary packaging, industrial packaging, FMCG packaging, printed pouches, rolls, BOPP pouches, PVC blister packaging & food packaging pouches. Their packing material is acknowledged by the industry locally & globally for attractive colors, creative designs & desired sizes. It has adapted to new technologies to meet the international standard in no time.

These are the top 5 food packaging pouches companies in the Indian industry now to cater to the need for food packaging materials. These five pioneers in the market have been maintaining their quality & standing through the test of times to excel further.

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