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Some illnesses have the utmost capacity to take over a revolution and lead to serious changes in the way people and their life functions as well as the way a business operates. The illness we are talking about here is coronavirus which has claimed close to around 6500 lives at large and infected close to 169000 lives in total.

This illness has also gone onto affecting two businesses at large namely food as well as grocery delivery and led them to going contactless. So, now you may be wondering the reasons as to why the same has happened. Thus to help you with the same we have listed down some points below. This will help you get a better perspective of the same.

food and grocery deliveries

Reasons for Food and Grocery Deliveries Going Contactless

  1. To help prevent the spread of coronavirus
  2. To ensure that the industry can better reflect on the ways the disease can be curb

Thus, through all these reasons mentioned above the two major deliveries have gone contactless and made sure the health of the delivery professionals as well as the customers remains at the topmost agenda.

Now the next question that becomes worth asking is how are these two major deliveries making the task contactless? To provide an answer to the same we have jotted down some points below.

Factors to State How Food and Grocery Delivery Are Going Contactless After Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. Apps like Postmates motivates deliveries to be left at the doorstep to prevent the touch of a delivery professional with a customer
  2. Solutions like Doordash are encouraging customers to fill out delivery instructions in the app. These are in relation to asking the drivers to leave the orders outside their door.
  3. Some apps have presented the users with the opportunity to take a snap of the location where they wish the delivery to be left thereupon making the on demand delivery process more streamlined in nature.
  4. Solutions such as Seamless and Grubhub are taking precautions for this deadly virus by basically motivating the users to leave notes for the delivery drivers thereupon asking them for the delivery to be left at their doorstep.
  5. Other apps like UberEats have also taken extra precautionary measures for this deadly virus. To take the precautions they encourage the customers to basically send a text to the drivers in regards to the delivery requests and the location where they wish the delivery to be made.
  6. Pizza delivery joint Dominos and Pizza Hut respectively has facilitated the contactless delivery by urging the customers to place the instruction where they wish to receive the delivery by filling out the details of the same on their order form so as to say.

So, through all these steps thus the food and grocery deliveries have become contactless after the outbreak of coronavirus so as to ensure the health of the delivery professionals and customers remaining intact and the industry creating high safety standards so as to say.

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