List of flowering plants that will add color to your monsoon garden

flowering plants

Monsoon is a happy season, which brings along lots and lots of happy vibes. Well, this season holds a high value in our life, especially in India, as this season is a break, or you can say relief from the harsh summer weather. Yes, summer in India can be really harsh as the sun falls directly on the head, and also summers are long here. For about struggling to survive for at least 6 months, we get to see a ray of hope as the first rain of monsoon is bestowed upon us. Thus, it is a happy season in a hot country like India.

Talking about monsoon, this season actually feels like its awakening to nature that has gone under a deep slumber during the hot weather. It brings back the colors in the landscape. The lands that have gone barren get ample amounts of water to be happy and productive again. Yes, monsoon is really good for the land and its nourishment, obviously because the sun tends to absorb every inch of water and dry out anything that comes under its radar. So, the summers not only dry down the crops but also our favorite flowers also have to face a harsh time. But this season, so perfectly lined after the summer season, is a savior for flora and fauna. Well, the

Indian monsoon is surely the reason for many naturally beautiful scenery.

The gorgeous flowers will soon be ready to add colorful tint to your surroundings. Here is a list of flowers that are monsoon beauties, and you might see around you in abundance. If you like any of the following, you can buy plants online and add them to your garden as well.

Indigo flower

As the name says, it is a pretty little indigo color flower that comes with lots and lots of green foliage. The stems are straight and attractive because they stand straight; star-shaped indigo colored flowers add beauty to the whole plant. This flower grows in abundance during this happy season. It needs water to thrive, and that is what it gets during the rainy season so you can expect plenty of the indigo flowers if you plant then for monsoons. Most commonly found in a very beautiful navy blue color, but you can also try the other color of this flower-like white, off white and violet.

Hibiscus flower

Every time I write about this flower, I’m just mesmerized by the way it is designed. Hibiscus has been designed a bit differently from other flowers. Besides its lovely long petals, the flower is adorned with a trumpet-shaped stem that makes the flower different and unique. It is an annual plant that yields lots of fresh blooms in the monsoon season. Hibiscus comes in many vibrant colors like pink, white, yellow, and orange. If you want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your backyard, then add this flower.


You know who else is happier more than us in the monsoon season? It’s the Gulmohar tree. This tree yields out like millions of flowers that fill the area with fresh blooms. Also, the tree helps up high, all covered with flowers that look magnificent against the dark rainy sky. The color of the flowers that are a product of this tree is a beautiful scarlet; you can imagine the view it gives out in the grey sky. It is called a tropical monsoon flower for a reason. This is a tree that will live for like forever, so you plant, and it will be there for generations to come.


Though there are other monsoon flowers as well, I incorporated roses because they are beautiful and become much more active during the season of rain. It is an annual plant that gives out flowers the whole year only the yielding increases depending on the season. So, this plant, too, yields beautiful flowers in this season and definitely a great pick for your garden.

This is all with the list of flowers that will add a pop of color to your garden when the sky up is getting dark and grey. Get these flowering plants and add a charm to your home garden. Along with them don’t forget to order indoor plants online to jazz up your home from inside as well!

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