Impact of Launching a Flower Delivery App on Valentine’s Day

Flower Delivery App

As 14th February also known as the Day of Lovers approaches, lovebirds may be wondering the best way to surprise their significant half and thereafter the gifts they can present to express their love.

But what is so special about Valentine’s Day and why is this day so memorable and holds such great value among lovers all over the world?

So here’s a brief glimpse into this momentous occasion. This will support you understand why this occasion holds a special place among lovers all over the world.

Valentine’s Day – About the Occasion and Significance

The name of this momentous occasion bears its origin from the name of a Roman priest St Valentines who revolted against the emperor Claudius II in the 3rd Century AD.

Here’s the folklore below.

Folklore Behind Valentine’s Day

The Roman Emperor Claudius II was against the idea of enrolling married soldiers in the army.

The Emperor strongly believed unmarried soldiers turned out better warriors in comparison to married. However, St Valentines was opposed to this.

According to the saint marriage and love are rights bestowed upon by God. Therefore, to revolt against the Emperor, he started secretly marrying off. the soldiers. Sadly though St Valentines got caught and beheaded subsequently.

The day St Valentines got beheaded was 14th February. Thereafter, this day started being celebrated world over as Valentine’s Day. This was majorly to commemorate the feeling of love.

So now that you know about this momentous occasion you must be thinking how lovers express their emotions to their significant half on this day. Well to make this day special for their beloved they gift them items that may include flowers, special gifts like souvenir, and so on and so forth.

However, if we really have to consider items that see maximum sale on the 14th February then undoubtedly it is flowers.

Here’s the reason flowers having maximum sales on this day.

Reasons for Flowers Having Maximum Sale on Valentines Day

Flowers are a natural indicator to express emotions of love, happiness, joy, among others since time immemorial. On occasions like Valentine’s Day lovers who wish to express their love without any words gift their beloved a flower to do the same. This in turn proves to be a unique way for them to express the emotion to them.

Why are Sales of Flowers High on 14th February

So coming back now to the sale of flowers being maximum on this day, well, the thing is that since you find maximum people gifting flowers on this day the sale of this priceless item remains the highest. Therefore if you are into the business of selling flowers consider launching the same on 14th February.

Some perks attached to introducing an app for your florist business on the 14th February.

Perks of Introducing Flower Delivery App on 14th February

  1. Makes it easy to find the flower of choice
  2. Provides transparent pricing in relation to flowers that are purchased
  3. Helps the florist industry easily update the items and keep the relevant flowers and thereafter provide discounts in relation to the same as well as attractive offers

All these advantages thus make it clear having a flower delivery app on Valentine’s Day will have a significant impact on your florist business. Also it will assist you capture the attention of lovebirds in the best possible manner.

Should You Invest In a Flower Delivery App on Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day if you have not yet developed and launched a flower delivery app for the lovebirds, do it. It shall help you successfully capture their attention and bring more revenue for you thereafter.

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