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Playing games on PlayStation 4 and share them on top gaming communities is a dream of every gamer. It is one of the best gaming platforms you can have, providing a fantastic experience of entertainment. Without blinking eyes for hours, PlayStation 4 will keep us glued to our couches the whole day. No matter how many games you install to your mobile, playing games on a Play Station is a different level of pleasure. PlayStation 4 is the current generation of gaming consoles from Sony, which has gained immense popularity with consumers all over the world. But not every device is 100 per cent perfect. Since PS4 has been released, users face a lot of common issues. Occasionally Sony releases new bug fixes and software updates to solve these problems, yet annoyance is still not completely immune.

We have listed the most common PS4 issues and their simple solutions that will undoubtedly make your Play Station gaming experience a lot more enjoyable and fun. All these possible solutions will allow you to fix these annoyances in such a way that you can record best clips from your gameplay and share in on Rcade; it is one of the top gaming communities.

Blinking Blue light

This may be possibly one of the most common PS4 problems reported by many users. The game console’s blue indicator lights keep blinking. It tends to indicate some kind of hardware malfunction, and something in the background is wrong. Here are a couple of things you can do to fix this.

  • Software-update: Essential things you can do is to update the software on your TV. If you already own a Smart TV then check in Settings for any new software updates.
  • Reset ps4: Hard reset option on almost any gadget works like magic. Hold the main power button for a few seconds to reset your PlayStation 4 console, until it finally shuts down and you see an orange light. Now restart the console again normally as booting PS4 like this could solve most common problems.

Red Indicator Light

This is probably a bigger concern than the blue LED blinking. If your console’s red LED light continually blinks, it indicates a serious problem with hardware or overheating. You should turn off your PS4’s power supply immediately to repair this and give it some rest for a while. Also, make sure your PS4 has well-ventilated surroundings so that heated room temperature doesn’t affect it.

HDMI Cable Damage

If your PS4 console’s HDMI port or cable is broken, the audio/video playback will be disrupted which will impede your gaming experience. To fix this, you can test the HDMI port at a local Sony store, or buy a new HDMI cable and see if performance has changed. Try various HDMI cables, and see where the real problem lies.


When you own a PlayStation 4 Pro, then you will be fortunate as it comes with a storage capacity of 1 TB. But most of all PS4 variants generally support 500 GB of internal memory storage which quickly gets occupied with games and other data. To solve this problem, you can try connecting an external hard drive as an extended storage option so you can enjoy playing your favourite games without worrying about storage space.

If you’re a PS4 owner, then we’re assuming that your gaming console will have encountered these irritating problems. We hope that these quick fixes of most popular PS4 issues will help you solve these troubles. While listing top gaming communities, Rcade is the name that comes on the top. It is the community for gamers where they can share the clips of their gameplay.

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