Guide to Fix “ patcher kernel has stopped working”

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Good morning friends. If you a lover of games, then you are surely like today’s topic. Even if you aren’t a games buff, still you will be a lot wiser after going through this article. Many of you might have come across the issue of ‘ patcher kernel has stopped working’ while playing the League of Legends game. This is a very common error related to this game. If this error happens, you can’t launch the game ad the error doesn’t let the system to do so. 

I am giving here some simple fixes for  ‘ patcher kernel, not working’ error with detail steps so that you can solve it quite easily. These fixes are quite simple and don’t require anything special.

Run the Game as Administrator.

Any program when runs on Administrator’s right, is allowed to bypass all the system checks and system firewall filtering that it has to go through in normal running. This can be done in the following way.

A.  Right-click on the app icon and click on ‘Run as Administrator’. If the application opens without a problem, then follow the next steps.

B.  Again Right-click on the desktop icon of the app and click on Properties.

C.  Find the tab named Compatibility. 

D. Then ‘Check’ the box ‘Run this program as Administrator’ and click Apply and finally Ok to save the changes.

This will always launch the app with Administrator’s right and you will not have any issue. Still, If the issue persists, follow the next step.

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 End the Program

Sometimes restarting the program also fixes the issue. But you must know that simply clicking the Cross icon at the top right corner of the program screen doesn’t Benedikt end it completely. Its system process may run in the background. You can find it out in the Task Manager and can end it from there.

Once cleared, you can again launch it with Administrator’s privilege. Follow the steps given below.

A.  After launching the app wait for the error to show.

B.  Now open the Run box by pressing Windows + R keys.

C.  Type ‘taskmgr’ in the box and hit Enter to open Task Manager. Alternatively, Right-click on the taskbar and click on Task Manager. 

D.  Find the Process tab and find the program.

E.  Right-click on it and next click on End this program to completely shut it down.

F.  Again follow the steps of the first method of opening and granting the app Administrator’s right. It will henceforth, open without any issue.

If you still have the issue, then move on to the last solution.

 Remove the Game Patch Files.

Sometimes some corrupted or wrongly configured game patch files may also give rise to the problem. If you delete these patch files the problem would be solved. The program will download any missing files and configure them to run normally. Follow the guide to perform the task.

A. Right-click on the desktop icon of the app and then click on Open File Location.

B. Search for the folder RADS and open it.

C. Then go to Projects>lol_air_client>releases. There you look for the folder which is the latest.

D. Find the two files, ‘S_OK and releasemenifest’ and delete both of them.

E. Then go one step back and open the folder ‘deploy’.

F. Find the files ‘properties’, META-INF’, ‘logs’ and Lolclient.exe’ and delete them all.

G. Now add s final step, restart your computer.

By now you should have solved the ‘ patcher kernel has stopped’ error on your computer.

I hope but now you have understood the simple fixes to drive away from the ‘ patcher kernel not working’ error and can handle it quite easily. 

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