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Meeting a family lawyer for the first time can be confronting. For a lot of people, it is a smacking reminder of the breakdown of a once blissful relationship.

However, seeing a family lawyer is also an important step forward in a person’s journey towards healing and moving on. Knowing what to do before the initial meeting will remove any uneasy feeling and will help the client maximise their time and money.

Here are a few helpful tips from some of the best family lawyers in Adelaide.

List down all your questions

As you would before consulting a doctor, list down all your questions for your family lawyer before the initial consultation. 

The first meeting can be nerve-wracking for most people and they sometimes forget to ask important questions because of the various emotions that come with the dissolution of the relationship. Listing down the questions can help you get the answers and relieve some of the anxiety that comes with this important but difficult process.

Provide a summary of your family history

Lawyers need an array of information about their clients to be able to give the best legal advice. They will want to know information such as when you began living with your spouse or partner, the date of your marriage, details about your separation, and information about your children such as names, dates of birth, and current living arrangements. 

Provide details on income and employment, including assets and liabilities

Providing an outline of your employment history as well as that of your spouse will help your family lawyer come up with the best legal solutions. Details on your income, debts, assets, and liabilities which may be held separately or jointly are also important in determining the next steps for your situation.

Let your lawyer know your expected outcome

On your first meeting, it is important to let your family lawyer know what you hope to achieve from the process and what your expected outcomes are. Letting your lawyer know your expectations from day one will help your lawyer provide you with a reasonable assessment of your situation. 

Gather relevant documents and make copies for your lawyer

Gather documents that you think may be relevant to the matter for which you are seeking legal help. This may include court documents previously filed, the marriage certificate, birth certificates, emails, photos, among others.

Prepare a set of copies of these documents for your lawyer. This saves you precious time and money from being wasted while waiting for the attorney to make copies of the documents and gives you more time for the actual consultation.

Turn your phone on silent mode during the consultation

To avoid distractions and maximise your time, turn off your phone or put it on silent mode during the consultation. 

Following these steps will help you prepare for that very important consultation with your family lawyer. If you’re from South Australia, choose only the best family lawyers in Adelaide and they will take care of you.

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