Finding the right place for customized t shirt printing

customized t shirt printing

Over the last decade, custom t shirt printing has become quite popular, especially because individuals appreciate the freedom of being able to choose the graphics and the quotes on their t shirts. However, custom t shirt printing is a complex industry – one with numerous businesses operating, be it small mom-and-pop operations or large enterprises. This is why merely searching “custom t shirt company” over the internet won’t suffice! So how does one find the right place to get custom t shirts made? Well, allow us to help.

Guide to finding the best place for customized t shirt printing

Finding a good t shirt printing service shouldn’t be too hard. All you need to is put in some effort by looking online to find a printer willing to fill your precise requirements. But first up, make a checklist of your exact requirements. This should normally include the quantity required, the range of sizes, apparel type, choice of printing techniques, turnaround times, and the artwork.

customized t shirt printing
  • The quantity of the order – How big is the order? Do you require just a few shirts or do you want shirts for a corporate trade show – a huge promotional give-away? It is worth noting that some t shirt printing companies only do custom tees in bulk quantities. So, if you are looking to get only 25-30 t shirts made, they wouldn’t be of much help. In fact, you’d never get a good deal for small orders.
  • The design of the graphics – T shirt designs have to be perfect. Sometimes, it might be difficult to print certain photos or logos, so talk to the company in advance. Take a good look at their sample t shirts, and if possible, ask them to run a small order just to check if they meet your precise standards. If you’re providing your own artwork, keep in mind that the high quality of the graphics is critical to t shirt printing.
  • Pricing and delivery time – Always ask for the price upfront. While it’s true that you’d always find a firm willing to do it cheaper, but eliminating the cheapest option is always the safest bet. That said, if you need the t shirts made quickly, this too can be a deciding factor, as some customized t shirt printing companies require a minimum number of days to deliver the finished goods. Therefore, always check with their lead times before they’re into the production phase.
  • Customer service – A great company always follows a customer-first policy. They try to address your queries online or even on phone. Try finding a company that is willing to help during every phase of the printing process – from the initial planning to the final delivery. In fact, some even offer design advice.
  • Online reviews – Before you hire a customized t shirt printing company, it’s good to go through their online reviews and find out what their previous clients have to say about their work. It goes without saying that it’s likely easy to work with companies with great reviews.

Our recommendation

A variety of different factors go into helping you decide the right t shirt printing company for your needs, but following the tips listed above can help you avoid certain mistakes that people make at times. However, if you’re still confused and probably need a quick solution, we’d recommend Make My Apparel.

The fact that they have an experienced design team and are committed to offering outstanding customer service, is what makes them better than the competition. You’d be amazed by their dedication to meeting deadlines and outstanding product quality – the signs of a great value-driven company. Connect with them via their website or via popular social media platforms to get more info on their range of services and transparent pricing policy.

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