Smart Steps to Finding a Great Wedding Photographer

Great Wedding Photographer

A few simple steps and you will be closer to finding the perfect kind of photographer for yourself!

Finding a perfect wedding photographer for your d-day is not easy and when you leave out for searching the right one it will be totally next to impossible to find the one who will capture all your feelings with just a few clicks!

Decide what style you love the most!

Before you begin searching for the one person with the magical talent you must make yourself sure about your choices. You must know about yourself and how do you want the things to look only then you can proceed onto the next. Want to know how can you do it? Just keep on searching! Just do not stop there are endless social media channels and specially the internet where you will get a plethora of options to choose from. The choices are endless and there is just not an end to your wild thoughts and imaginations. So, you need to first begin with your basic homework. 

Start interviewing people

Yes! Get in touch with the shortlisted photographers yourself and then interview them to know about their work their interests and discuss their work portfolio. Just meeting the photographer a few times will give you a little insight about the photographer. Your vision for your d-day needs to be discussed with the photographer which not only makes your idea clear but even the photographer can discuss his/her ideas on various things like what props he/she has in mind for the clicking pictures and how it can be made better. 

Thoroughly go through the portfolio of the photographer

You must keep a critical eye on the work portfolio of the photographer and based on that you must take the next most crucial decision. While checking the portfolio you need to keenly check what all themes has the photographer played with? Because going through the pictures of the photographer will help portray the skills and creativity of the photographer to you. The most important element that you must take note of in the picture should be the capturing of the emotions. Make sure that the subjects in the picture look all relaxed and calm, and the picture must look all natural without a hint of stress or tension. You wouldn’t want to look all stressed and weird in your own wedding pictures.

Compare the packages

Act wise and make sure that you are saving every single penny that can possibly be saved. It is your wedding and you do need that hard-earned money for other huge things that are going to matter a lot during the wedding and also after the wedding. But even a wiser decision would be not to make a decision entirely based on the cost of the wedding packages. 

Yes, you must obviously compare the packages but also remember not to forget focusing on other important aspects. 

Do question about the photography rights

Most of the photographers use the pictures clicked by them as the promotional images after they have completed their work. You must before signing them up for the project go through all the terms and conditions so that later on it does pose any problem for you. 

Get the postproduction details

There are a few questions that you must definitely ask your photographer, some of which are: 

When can I get the final prints?

Do I first get to select the images to get them edited and printed finally or will I get all of them?

Can the photos be edited just the way I want?

How many images can I expect to get?

Will be images be in high or low resolution?

Once you go through these questions you will surely think of some of other queries! Go ahead, frame some more questions and feel free to question the photographer; after all you are going to pay hefty amount for the wedding photo shoot. 

If you are living in or around Somerset or Bristol then let us help you by sharing the list of some of the best Bristol and Somerset wedding photographers.

  • Martin Dabek, UK Wedding Reportage Photographer
  • Richard Howman, Elan Images Ltd.Bristol in Bristol, GB
  • Robin Goodlad Wedding Photography Wimborne Minster in Dorset, GB
  • Sam Gibson Photography
  • Somerset Road, Bristol
  • Rich Howman(London, UK)
  • Peter Farrell (North West England)
  • Aaron Storry (East Midlands England)

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