Finding A Good Plumber 101

good plumber

Facing a plumbing emergency calls for the professional help from a trained and experienced expert. You can’t afford to have someone mess up the plumbing in your home and cause even more severe damage just because you didn’t know where to look and how to find the right plumber. The next time you need a good plumber, here’s how you’ll find the best one and rest assured that they’ll fix the problem promptly and without any fuss.

Ask around for recommendations

Asking your friends and family for a recommendation is the first logical step when you need a good plumber. If someone from your close circle of friends has had a positive experience with a plumber near you, or in your city, ask for recommendations. There’s no source more trusted than the people you’re close to, so you’ll be 100% sure you’re getting the best referrals. If nobody from the family side has good recommendations, neighbours are the next to turn to. No luck there either? It’s time to try browsing online.

Included license and insurance

The plumbing, like electricity, needs to be handled by a professional so that you’re 100% sure your home is hazard-free. That’s why you’ll need to look for a local plumber who is also licenced and fully insured. Blocked drainage, burst pipes and clogged toilets are more than a simple plumbing problem, otherwise, anyone would be able to solve it. Don’t risk having an ill-trained person cause an even bigger issue that can turn a $50 service into a $500 one.

Check online reviews

Once you start looking for plumbers near you, hundreds of results will pop up on your browser search. Whether you’re browsing from Sydney or some other city around the world, you shouldn’t immediately trust the first few results you see. Before you call the plumber to ask for a quote, check online reviews. Aside from those that may appear on the plumber’s website, look for online review sites and forums where people from your city or area have hired the plumber you’re planning to call. Once you have found the best-reviewed plumber in Sydney, call them and ask for a quote. Don’t forget to check out social media pages, comments and reviews, as those can often offer invaluable insight.

Look for warranty

A long warranty for their work is another indication that you’re dealing with a professional who has clients’ best interests at heart and aims to offer nothing but satisfaction. So, before you book an appointment with a plumber, check whether they offer warranties for their work. Unfortunately, you can easily come across sloppy plumbers who won’t do a good job but leave the plumbing half-done so that you’ll have to call them very soon again and pay for another intervention. Save your money, time, and protect your home from future hazards, by always asking for a warranty. 

Experience matters

When looking into a potential plumber, always check for their experience. If you’re about to hire an entire team, make sure you know which person from the team will handle your plumbing. Sometimes trainees are trusted with work so they can gain experience. While that’s only natural, always get a confirmation and guarantee that the trainee will be supervised by a well-experienced plumber who can jump in at any second and fix the problem. Don’t trust newbies to work on the plumbing alone because that can lead to a much bigger plumbing issue.

Ask other professionals for references

When looking for a trusted plumber, you can get the best recommendation from an electrician or a contractor you’ve worked with recently. Plumbers, construction workers, and electricians are just some of the professionals that work together on larger projects and will gladly refer each other to potential customers. If you were satisfied with your electrician, rest assured they’ll be working with equally professional and experienced plumbers, so you can trust them to recommend highly-qualified experts.Fixing plumbing issues can be challenging and only taken care of by trained professionals. So, when the problem arises, you need to know where to look for a trusted plumber that can fix the job well and with minimum downtime. Follow the steps that we’ve listed above, and you will find the best plumber in your area that will do a flawless job.