How to find the best football prediction site in the world

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The hardest part of football betting is the prediction stage, and it is the most important aspect of the business. Bettors take more time in forecasting just because they do not want to lose their stake. A lot of punters have not been getting the value of their money back in winnings due to their analysis of games and the type of prediction sites they put their trust in.

Predicting football games’ outcomes is not an easy task as it requires a lot of attention and good analysis, that’s why different football prediction sites will help you with the outcomes. The odds of most games are convincing and unpredictable, which is one of the reasons why punters need a prediction site. If you are not a good analyst, you will tend to lose a lot of money on stakes.

Prediction websites give you the edge over other bettors as they provide you with premium forecasts and free tips. Most prediction websites have experts that analyze the outcomes of games to give punters more insights into a particular game.

Some of the things the experts take into account before concluding on the outcomes of a game are; Type of tournament, injury problems for both teams, head-to-head records, records for both teams, The defense line and attack of both teams, possible lineup, etc.

Prediction websites get most of their forecast by analyzing the statistics before the game, while some of them use software that works with statistical algorithms to predict the outcome of the game.

Prediction websites do not guarantee 100% of accuracy in terms of the outcomes of the games they analyze, but it is advisable to use their tips. Aside from making it easier for the punters through their expert analyses, they also must deliver good predictions so they do not lose users/clients.

There are a lot of prediction websites on the internet, but punters need to identify the ones that give better tips.

Here are some tips on how to identify the best prediction website.

1 Top-Notch Free Predictions: For you to put your trust in a prediction website, they should be able to offer top-notch predictions for free. From their free tips, you know what their premium offers would look like. Even if they don’t predict the actual outcome of the game, they should be able to give statistics of both teams, previous meetings, and all other things punters need to know.

2 Good User Interface:  A prediction website cannot be rated the best if the user interface of the site is bad. It might be a detail some owners overlook, but it is a very important aspect. Punters should be able to access predictions easily, and the interface of the website should be attractive. Failing in any of these options could drive users away from the site.

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3 Premium predictions with friendly payment plans: Most prediction site often offer their client premium predictions, which comes with a price. The premium predictions are different from the free tips and are mostly better, which is why it comes with a price. Despite being a premium offer, the payment plans should be friendly and not on the high side. You should also read through their terms and conditions for their different plans.

All the listed tips mentioned above are things you should look out for in a prediction website before putting all your trust and money into it. You cannot be losing money at both ends due to poor analyses from a site.

If you have been looking for a football prediction site that offers you all these and more, then Stakegains is the answer. Aside from giving you free predictions, we also offer you premium plans which are not on the high side. On our website, we give you value for your money coupled with accurate football predictions.

There are numerous football prediction websites in the world, but Stakegains stands out as the best platform to stick with if you want to continue winning your stakes. We cut across all the top leagues in Europe and other leagues in the world.

Our football prediction store is loaded with options like; double chance, over 1.5 goals, the stake of the day, smashing accumulators, 3 odds banker, classical double, both team score, win either half, e.t.c. You have numerous options to pick from, which makes our platform number one compared to others.

What set us aside from other prediction platforms is that we have been able to recover 80% accuracy when it comes to football predictions, feat others are still trying to meet up.

How to sign up on Stakegains

Stakegains make things easy for new users on the website, as it is easier to sign up and get top-notch free games and premium tips.

If you are yet to register on their platform, here is an easy step that will help you, and it will only take a few minutes;

1 Log in to the site

2 For desktop users, click on the REGISTER button in red colour, which is at the top right of the site. Phone users can also follow the same step.

3 Enter all the required details, which are; Full Name, Email Address, Country, Phone Number, Username, and Password, before clicking on the REGISTER button.

4 Make sure all the details provided are correct, in order to make things easier if you later forget your password and you want to retrieve it.

Regarding our premium plans, we have eight different subscription plans you can choose from, and as said earlier, they are friendly payment plans. The payment duration ranges from one week, two weeks, one month, three months, six months, and one year. All these payment plans have their different benefits and prediction stores you will have access to. You can make payments with Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, Verve, and Mesa.