How Do I Find A Kid’s Best Slide Manufacturers?

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The slide manufacturers is an inevitable part of any playground. The colorful slides at the playground make kids really excited and it is mostly the first play pieces. If you are looking for Slide Manufacturers to get you the best slides for your playground, this is the read for you. The manufacturer who has answers to all your queries is the one to opt for. Hereunder are some important questions with answers that you should look for before finalizing any slide manufacturer.

What Is the Best Material for a Slide?

In the range of playground slides, the metal and plastic slides are most common and mostly preferred. Further to help you with your decision, here is a comparison of both the material type slides so that you can decide the best for your playground.

Metal Slides –


  • Durability: Slides need to be resistant to normal wear and tear, vandalism and weather.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The metal slide provides the classic look to the playground.
  • Fast Speeds: Being slicker in nature, the kids can slide with more speed and have fun.
  • No static: Kids with cochlear implants can play without the inconvenience caused by the static.


  • Hot Temperatures: During summers, the metal slides are big NO. The slides become super-hot. Thus, these slides need to be installed in areas that have shade to prevent this potential drawback.
  • High Cost: Depending upon the size, metal treatment and manufacturer, the cost of the metal slides is generally on the higher end.
  • Potential for Rust: Rust is one factor that makes the metal slides difficult to repair. You can opt for rust-proof stainless steel slides that are resistant to corrosion.

Plastic Slides –


  • Versatility: being made of plastic, the slides are available in varied shapes and designs. These are also made in sections, thus making installation an easy process.
  • Ease of Repair: Even being under the harsh conditions, the plastic slides are easy to maintain, clean, and repair.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Thick plastic is used for durability. The plastic slides are affordable.
  • Safety: Safe for kids as it is resistant to heat.


  • Ease of Defacing: These are prone to vandalism. These can be easily damaged and defaced.
  • Degradation: Even the thick plastic, used for commercial slides, degrades over time. Easy repairs are possible.
  • Static: For kids with cochlear implants may find it difficult as plastic slides generate static energy.

What Is the Best Slide Shape?

The shape of the slide is totally dependent on your choice and the playground space. If you have a limited space, you can opt for spiral slide. Straight slide or the traditional slide is best for toddlers as parents can supervise them easily.

What Slides Are Safe for Commercial Playgrounds?

Make sure, the manufacturer that you contact is CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Certified. This commission is known to regulate standards that are required for safety during use of commercial playground slides and other play equipment. Some of the important guidelines by CPSC are as mentioned below:

  • Platforms – The platform should meet proper height and drainage requirements.
  • Barriers – The opening dimensions of the barriers or guardrails that serve as railings is to be maintained.
  • Sides for Straight Slides – The open and flat slides should have necessary side height.
  • Slope – Certain degree should be maintained to set the slope or ramp of the slide.
  • Tube Slide Diameter – The internal diameter should also be according to the guidelines set.
  • Slide Exit – The exit height requirements may vary slide to slide according to the toddlers and school-aged kids.

What Benefits Will These Slides Offer?

The slides are not just an equipment for fun at the playground. This is a tool for overall development of a kid. A slide benefits a kid with development of social skills, balance and coordination. Apart from this, the playground slide is also known to promote sensory experiences and strengthen muscles. Kids can have fun along with development of various motor skills.

Children Playground Equipment Manufacturer

With this read, now you must be aware of the pointers that you need to consider while choosing the manufacturers. Feel free to contact manufacturers and get the best of the quotes. There are slide manufacturers, who specialize in offering customized services, thus, you can ask for slides that have combination of metal as well as plastic for ensuring the best for your playground. Moreover, there are some manufacturers, who aim to deliver quality products and after sales services that include repair and maintenance services. You can also take their help to decide upon the best type of slide for your playground depending upon the space and kids’ age group.