How To Find Cheap Car Shipping Rates Online

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Car transport rates typically increase in January and summer when companies receive their highest demand for services.

Provide accurate and detailed information when requesting quotes; this will allow you to identify brokers or carriers outside your price range more quickly.

Open Transport

Open transport is one of the more cost-effective methods of shipping your car, yet leaves it vulnerable to debris and weather conditions that could cause irreparable damage. If your classic or high-end car requires special treatment, enclosed transport would likely be preferable.

Selecting the ideal form of transport will have an impactful cost impact. Some companies provide door-to-door service while others may pick up your car from a terminal and deliver it directly. Door-to-door shipping typically costs more but allows you to watch as the carrier picks up and delivers your car, which may prove useful should any issues arise during transport.

One way to save money when shipping cars is by splitting the costs with others. This is an ideal solution for those needing to transport multiple vehicles at the same time and there are websites that connect car owners with others willing to transport their car at an affordable rate.

Wait until the off-season to transport your car. May through September are usually peak auto transport months; north-south routes tend to experience increased activity during wintertime. By waiting until these times come around, you can access cheaper rates on car shipping services.

Enclosed Transport

If you’re shipping a classic or luxury automobile, enclosed transport is your best bet for ensuring its safe arrival at its destination in perfect condition. However, this extra level of protection can increase overall shipping costs.

If you opt for this service, your vehicle will travel in an enclosed trailer of one- or two-level configuration. 

This option is typically chosen by exotic and high-end cars that need additional protection against the elements – race cars often travel with enclosed trailers to ensure they arrive in optimal condition for their next race event.

Other variables that can impact enclosed transport costs are season and delivery method – for instance, demand for auto shipping tends to spike during summer and January months, thus increasing costs accordingly.

Make yourself more flexible with your pickup and drop-off dates in order to save money, since many auto transport carriers are looking for passengers to fill empty spots on journeys they’ve already invested money into. 

A price comparison website makes finding cheap car shipping companies much simpler: just receive genuine, final price quotes from several providers at once and message them directly with any questions.


Shipping prices depend on a variety of factors and can fluctuate over time. 

To get an idea of the costs associated with transporting your car, try using an auto transport company’s quote calculator on their website to generate quotes that take into account factors like type and model of car being transported, pickup/delivery locations and type of transport option.

Employing the services of a broker can save money when shipping a car because they work with multiple carriers and customers across the country, offering bulk orders to carriers while finding secure spots for your vehicle on an itinerary. They can also negotiate prices with carriers to guarantee you the best rate. You can click the link: to learn more about brokers.

Consider finding a company with guaranteed pricing; this type of pricing guarantees your car shipping rate throughout its journey. Unfortunately, only select providers offer this service; therefore it’s essential that you conduct thorough research when considering potential providers.

This can be helpful for people worried about fluctuating car shipping industry prices as well as those looking to ship on tight deadlines, as this ensures they do not incur extra fees for last-minute price changes.


Summer is typically a busy season for auto transport companies, as students return from college campuses, employees take vacations, and people move between homes. You should expect your vehicle shipping quotes to increase at this time; however, there are ways you can reduce costs while still receiving reliable car shipping services.

Terminal-to-terminal pickup and drop-off allows for flexible scheduling of vehicle pick-up and delivery, while simultaneously decreasing carrier workload by consolidating shipments in and out of one specific location, saving both open and enclosed transport costs. This could be the best cheap auto transport option for you. Be sure to choose a convenient terminal.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping may cost more than door-to-door as the company will charge fees based on how long your car spends in their terminal, typically including storage charges and short-term handling fees – be sure to ask before booking! Furthermore, many companies also impose daily terminal fees ranging from $15-35.

Exploring your options is the best way to secure the lowest rates on vehicle transport services.

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