5 Ways Financial Planning Can Help Young Women


The sad truth is that personal finance is not a subject that is required during most high school and college courses. This is unfortunate as lack of this basic education knowledge leaves many young women, and adults in general, clueless in ways of managing their money, getting and staying out of debt, and planning on how to apply for credit. Therefore, it is necessary that you look up and research more about financial planning to not end up on the wrong end of this spectrum. A financial plan is a document that encompasses where you stand financially and where you would want to be in the future. You can create a financial plan yourself or with the help of an advisor. The latter will be able to assist you in avoiding costly mistakes.

Here are five ways financial planning for women can help.

Know where your money goes

One of the easiest and most popular ways of determining that your expenses are not exceeding your income is through budgeting. A written or printed budget shows an estimate of your income and expenditure over a particular period of time. If you are able to see how basic amenities such as your morning coffee add up to your expenses over a month, you will be able to adjust your expenditure which will be able to impact your financial situation.

Start an Emergency Fund

If you have not heard this on any platform with personal finance, then it is important to know that you should never forget to pay yourself. No matter how low your salary may seem, it is always a good idea to budget away some money in an emergency fund every month. This money will be able to keep you out of trouble financially whenever an unexpected event occurs in your life. It might also help you out in the long run as a down payment on a home, during vacations, or even as retirement money. It is essential that you get into the monthly habit of saving and treating it as a non-negotiable pool of money.

Take a financial course

Now that you know you are not really literate about how you should spend your income, it is a great idea to take up a course about planning your finances. A financial course may also assist you in ways you can make more money, and even create a better relationship with your money. These courses can help you create the life you want for yourself, live within your means, and create a healthy mindset between you and money.

Guard your health

A single injury is able to deteriorate your finances at an alarming rate. A broken bone can cost you thousands of dollars in an emergency room, leading you to a ton of financial debt that you did not account for. Your health also has a way of messing up your savings. Therefore, it is vital that you apply for health insurance, as you can never be too sure that you will not end in an accident, or trip and injure yourself while going down a flight of stairs. Taking steps to keep yourself healthy is also important, such as healthy eating and exercising.

Learn self-control

Last but certainly not least, it is crucial that you are able to master the skill that is self-control. Once you start earning your income, it is pretty easy to get lost in the joy of spending your money whichever way you like. Being able to effortlessly buy things on credit may end up doing more harm than good. It is always a great financial idea to save up before making a huge purchase. You could also opt for a debit card that does not rack up interest charges but instead takes money from your checking account whenever you make payments.


In today’s world, it is, therefore, possible for young women to plan and manage their finances, and end up living the lives of their dreams while doing so. Living within your income through financial planning can save you from a lot of financial mistakes in the long run, instead of tying you down with debt before your life even begins.

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