Top 10 Financial Analytics Courses in India

financial analytics courses

Financial Analytics are professionals who analyze the market trends, the outcome of a deal, or the financial status of an organization to make prudent business decisions, and recommendations. This calls for resolute data hunting and analyzing meticulously. While they are usually graduates in Finance or business, they need to have an exceptional knowledge of tools and techniques employed in this domain of work. It is a lucrative career pathway for anyone in this discipline as it is highly remunerative and Financial Analytics can work in a number of industries.

If you want to pursue a career in this domain, you are in the right place. Here, in this blog, you can see the top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India. Before we go further, let us explore some fundamentals of Financial Analytics.

What does Financial Analytics do?

A Financial Analytics’s work depends on the type of industry they are serving. As an example, in Investment Banking, a Financial Analytics oversees deals and mergers. Generally, they help make financial decisions based on the data accumulated, market trends, and previous transactions. There are many challenges faced by a Finance Analytics in India, but proper training and guidance can help make an opulent career in this sphere.

Here is the roundup of the Financial Analytics courses in India.

Top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

With more than 200 courses in the arsenal, Henry Harvin is a trailblazer in the edtech industry. These courses are intended to upskill the learners in various streams through a streamlined process of training and internship. The Financial Analytics course is designed to help learners get trained in advanced tools and programming techniques. The major  characteristics of this Financial Analytics course in India are:

  • 32 hours of training, 50 hours of e-learning access, and 24 hours of brush-up sessions.
  • 9 elements namely Training, Internship, Placement, Certification, Projects, Bootcamps, Hackathons, e-learning, and 1-year gold membership are incorporated into the course to make it one of the exclusive Financial Analytics courses in India.
  • An extensive curriculum that goes in line with the industry standards ensures that each learner can start or advance their career in this domain.
  • Trainers at Henry Harvin are geeks from the industry who have in-depth knowledge of the most updated happenings in the Financial sphere. Their expertise is highly regarded and one of the key factors that make this course the most desired Financial Analytics Course in India.

If you are looking for a comprehensive learning experience and some exposure to the financial world, then Henry Harvin is the best destination to be.

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2. The Complete Financial Analytics course, Udemy- top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India

Udemy is another online learning portal that offers multifarious courses. The Complete Financial Analytics Course from Udemy ranks among the top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India as it offers to learn from the basics of Finance to advanced Excel and spreadsheets. The 19.5 hours of video content also includes more than 400 downloadable resources and lifetime access to the course at an optimal price. It is a certificate course that is accessible on mobile and TV.


FINXL is a globally revered Finance Training Institute. They offer courses related to the Finance domain that are career-oriented. Their Financial Analytics course for Investment Banking is available both online and in classroom teaching modes. Case studies and real-world models are the key elements of this course that makes this a distinctive Financial Analytics course in India.

4. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a professional education Firm that offers courses in Marketing, Finance, Technology, and Analytics. The Financial Analysis Prodegree in collaboration with KPMG makes this one of the most desired online Financial Analytics courses in India. Private Equity, Investment banking, and Corporate Finance are the main sectors catered to through this course. One of the lucrative features of this course is that more than 25 hours of delivery are from KPMG Experts, which makes this course all the more desirable Finance Analytics courses in India.

5. IB Institute

Investment Banking Institute is one of the best institutes to upskill in the Finance learning arena. They have an elaborate curriculum and are rendered online.IB Institute offers a well-structured Financial Modelling course that helps learners connect the concepts of financial Analysis in Investment banking. If you are keen to make a career in Investment banking, this Financial Analytics course in India is a must-do course.

6. KPMG- top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India

No intro is required for KPMG, as it is one of the top 4 CA firms globally. They offer Financial analysis courses for the learners to get a chance to learn from the best. The Certification Program In Corporate Finance and Analytics is one of the best Financial Analytics courses in India, with 6 months of training and certification from KPMG. If you are a senior Financial professional, then this course acquaints you with the latest trends and technology happenings in the Finance world.

7. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin is a popular professional network with more than 850 million people. The Linkedin Learning portal aims to build a skillful workforce for better career opportunities in any domain. The Financial Analytics course listed on Linkedin is a certificate course that teaches the learners the various concepts in this area. The instructors are veterans of the domain which makes this course all the more desirable as a Financial Analytics course in India.

8. Coursera

Coursera is another online learning platform that helps develop advanced skills and in collaboration with many big universities, they bring up courses worth the time and effort. The Financial Analysis- Skills for Success specialization is a Financial Analytics course in India that is curated by Coursera teamed up with the University of Illinois. It is a three-month online certificate course.  

9. EdX- top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India

With more than 160 University members, EdX is a pioneer in the online learning industry. Their courses add momentum to the career of working professionals and help student learners to gather much-needed skills to start a career. Financial accounting and Analysis, Financial Decision making courses, and Financial Marketing courses are a few of the Financial Analytics courses in India offered by EdX teamed up with various Universities.

10. RISE

For industry-relevant and technologically advanced courses, RISE is the best option. Their courses are curated to provide quality and value-added higher education and certificate courses to its learners. Teaming up with Grand Thornton, RISE offers a PG Program in Finance and Accounting that is on par with the other Financial Analytics courses in India. This 11-month online course also includes a 1-month capstone project as well.

Wrap-up- top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India

There are many challenges attached to Financial Analytics, though their career is one of the most imperative and lucrative, both at the same time. The remuneration of a Financial Analytics ranges from $90000 to $ 150000 for senior-level professionals. To become a skilled Financial Analytics, many courses help learners gain exposure to various projects in the domain. The top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India intend to give a comprehensive idea of these courses and what they have to offer. 

FAQ’s for top 10 Financial Analytics courses in India

1. What are the advantages of being a Financial Analytics job?

Ans: A Financial Analytics can choose the kind of industry he/she wishes to work in as the role is imperative for any organization, As a second fact, it is full of growth opportunities and is highly remunerative as well.

2. What skills need to be developed for being an exceptional Financial Analytics?

Ans: Finance Modelling, Corporate Valuation, Basic Accounting, Corporate Finance, Technical Analysis, Excel, etc are a few of the necessary skills any financial Analytics must have. The top 10 Financial Analytics courses ensure that the learners develop these skills through their courses.