FESS: The Best Sinus Surgery Available

fess sinus surgery

Do you suffer from sinusitis that does not respond to conventional medications and repeatedly ask yourself the recurring question about the best sinus doctor near me to put a permanent end to your sinusitis? Then worry no more because there are numerous reliable options available for you to alleviate and eliminate your symptoms. First, let us understand the basics related to sinusitis. We shall then discuss why FESS might just be the best surgical procedure available to treat your sinusitis-related symptoms. 

What Is Sinusitis?

Sinuses are air-filled cavities or spaces in the skull, located behind the forehead, nasal bones, cheeks, and eyes. Most of the time, healthy sinuses are filled with air, facilitating mucus to drain out and air being able to flow freely. But they might become blocked and filled with excess mucus, enhancing the growth of germs and causing an infection.

fess sinus surgery

Sinusitis is a common medical condition that involves the inflammation or swelling of the tissues lining the sinuses. This blockage of the sinuses might happen due to a variety of factors that include the common cold, allergic rhinitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps, amongst others. The various types of sinusitis include acute, subacute, chronic, or recurrent based on their duration and nature. The most common symptoms of sinusitis are nasal congestion, facial pressure, headaches, loss of smell, tooth pain, cough, bad breath, fatigue, ear pain, and so on.

When Would You Need A Sinus Surgery? 

Sinus surgery might be essential to alleviate symptoms when medicines, nasal rinses, or other treatments are not working to reduce the inflammation. Surgery might be an option when the sinusitis is chronic or is caused due to deviated septums, polyps, or other structural defects that need to be corrected. A great many types of sinus surgeries are performed that include septoplasty, functional rhinoplasty, turbinate reduction, balloon sinuplasty, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, amongst others. The surgery best suited for you depends upon the nature and extent of your sinusitis. 

What is FESS?

FESS is a medical procedure that stands for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. The FESS surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that involves the insertion of an endoscope (a small tube with a camera attached) into the nasal cavity through a nostril. The surgeons then utilize the images from the camera to detect abnormal tissue or polyps that are hindering drainage and causing inflammation. This is followed by the removal or reposition of these abnormalities with the help of small instruments inserted through the nostrils.

A sinus surgeon might recommend FESS to patients looking for relief from chronic sinusitis or to treat conditions arising from deviated septums, nasal polyps, enlarged nasal turbinates, optic nerve decompression, choanal atresia, amongst others. Your doctor will take into account your overall health history, prior treatment, scan and blood test results, etc., before suggesting this procedure. 

FESS: The Varied Benefits 

Greater Visibility For Surgeons:

The endoscope (camera) provides the sinus surgeon with enhanced visibility to effectively see within your nostrils, and perform the procedure without hindrance. 

Less Invasive:

Since FESS is performed through the nostrils, it does+ not involve external scarring or noticeable post-surgical marks. 

Quicker Recovery:

Recovery is usually very fast in patients undergoing FESS, with the surgery conducted on an outpatient basis. 

Less Pain:

Since the surgery is minimally invasive, it results in less pain post-operation. Otherwise, pain, if any, could easily be managed through medications. 

Healthy Tissues Are Preserved:

With the precision and accuracy of the procedure, it allows surgeons to keep healthy nasal and sinus tissues intact while rectifying only the parts needed. 

Fewer Surgical Complications:

This procedure involves fewer post-surgical complications such as bleeding, infections, etc., because of its minimally invasive nature. 

Less Dependence On Medications:

FESS would enable you to gradually stop your pre-surgery medications with professional supervision and thereby avoid unwanted side effects. 

Lasting Relief:

FESS is used extensively to enlarge nasal passages, remove blockages, reduce inflammation, and effectively provide a long-lasting remedy to chronic sinusitis and alleviate the associated symptoms. 

The Bottom Line 

Sinusitis is a condition that is very much treatable both medically and surgically and has nothing to worry about. All the essential details on the treatment options are available online and the answer to your question on the best sinus doctor near me is just one Google search away. Wait no more and book your appointment immediately to get permanent relief from sinusitis once and for all. 

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