Features of Wooden Watches for Men You Shall Never Miss

Wooden Watches for Men are flexible, with lots of various types of timber. That makes it a unique product with all the natural qualities of wood. Some typical timbers used for that purpose are bamboo, cork, rosewood, maple timber, olive, sandalwood, walnut, ebony and also mahogany. Certainly, after that, there might be various other products for the band or the internal functions, but the main portion is wood. 

While buying these watches the very first step is to choose the appropriate timber. There are many other things to keep in mind but it is the most crucial one. Many people just buy these watches by looking at the brand name which is not enough. Even the biggest name can have its flaws. Even if you are buying it as a gift item, you must take care of the form and feature along with its price. 

That is the reason we have compiled some important points that you must keep in mind while making a wooden watch purchase. These aspects would help you choose the best one.

A Strong Metallic Infrastructure is Must

Many people think that a wooden watch is all made of wood. Though it is true to some extent, yet many portions of it comprise glass and metal. To a great extent, the machinery inside is metallic. Along with it, there is the steel core that works as the intestines that hold the whole structure tight together. The same is the case with the band. Wooden watchmaking is an art, the same is the case when you go out buying one.

The main function of steel or any other metal is to provide strength to the watch. Besides, it also adds to the weight of the timber item. Timber watches are light, and also steel core aids bring up the high-quality feel via their weight. 

The Face of Your Watch is Crucial

Some may be surprised to read the term face of a watch. Yes, you have read it correctly, a watch has a face and it is the glass through which you view the time. This clear surface not only shows the time but also safeguards the dial and internal functions. Without this glass, the time may not show accurately. The dial will rather be disturbed by human movement or even the wind or water etc.

Normally it is made of glass. While buying a watch check if the glass is spotless and thick enough to save it from any damage. It additionally has a rim of steel or plastic to seal it all over. Even the most precious types have sapphire crystal rather than ordinary glass. In some cases, high-quality plastic is used. For gift purposes, a wood watch with a sapphire crystal face glass will suit you. Sapphire is remarkably trustworthy and also much more smash and also scratch-resistant than normal glass. 

Before buying a watch, you must know the difference between all these materials. Also, you must be aware of their salient features and qualities. In today’s busy life plastic is much more practical and also with a reduced cost factor, it makes the best choice. Great for young people or sport watches. So, choose a watch glass according to your way of life wisely. 

Quality Coating of Wooden Watches UK

That the most important feature many individuals often ignore when it comes to Wooden Watches UK. Just how the timber watch is secured is more than important. It is the factor that adds to its sturdiness. A lot of watches are unsealed and also rather covered with a hydrating oil that will escape with time. You might not feel its absence but as you get a splash of water on your watch you will feel how bad it feels without a secure coating. That is why we always advise our readers to take care of that feature just like the two mentioned earlier. 

Quality coating and waterproof seal both are the leading requirements of quality watches. Consider it as a layer of defensive paint or varnish on your vehicle or home. As it saves your property from extreme sunlight and dampness, in the same way a coating will safeguard your watch. Without this layer, water and sunlight can damage your wooden watch.  

Apart from the above features, the grain and also one-of-a-kind patterns of each wood element also matter a lot. When buying a watch always check for the patterns. These must be unique and colourful enough to catch the eye. These features would indicate that each watch is distinctive and unique. Especially when you are buying one for your wife or girlfriend you must check the aesthetic features first. 

We hope that the above guidelines will help you when you have to buy a wooden watch for a loved one or your watch collection.

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