Top Fashion Trends for Women in this Pandemic

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Are you looking for what to wear, and how will you dress during and post-pandemic? The pandemic has an impact on every part of our lives. Many people are unemployed, and businesses are going through a challenging period. 

Like everything else, it has heavily affected the fashion industry. The inventories of retailers are full of unsold clothes, shoes, and other fashion apparel. As a result, merchants are trying to get a handle on the shift in consumer behavior and habits. 

People are staying at home for more than six months due to lockdown. They have adopted new wearing habits which will remain for a long period. With that in mind, you may like to know the top fashion trends for women in the pandemic.

Best Fashion Trends for Women

Women are embracing more casual wear during coronavirus restrictions.  There is not much demand for fashion products this year. However, there is some trend shift in women fashion apparel.  

Return to Basics

With the ease of coronavirus restrictions, women are embracing more casual wear and basics. Although shopping malls are reopening, they aren’t filling their rack with the seasonal fashion trends. This year there is more demand for the traditional basics and neutrals. 

People don’t want to look richer with fashion products. There is a change in consumer behavior due to tight money. Consumers are now more conscious and don’t want to spend more on fashion.

Therefore, retailers are stocking up more plain T-shirts, denim, leggings, classic jeans, etc. The biggest sellers during this pandemic are the jeans, leggings, and joggers. However, it’s not easy to forecast what will be the fashion trends for the future. 

Soft Outerwear

Many lifestyle bloggers want to go outside in soft outerwear. They are wearing regular clothes with simple sneakers, and baggy styles are becoming trendier. Some women want to look simply and choose soft and warm outwear.

Many want to go with casuals with outer jackets, or cotingas. The trends I notice that women want to wear wide casuals and stiff coats with soft fabrics. Many go with long longline coats, and some want to dress up a knit dress with sneakers. 

For casual outings, many prefer to wear cardigans over leggings and a pair of sneakers. Knitwear with soft fabric long coats or cardigans is a perfect outfit for cool weather. 

Loungewear and Leggings

Loungewear has been a wide choice among most of the fashion lifestylist. Instead of choosing black track pants, they prefer a colorful and printed one. Apart from that, many of them go for a Ponte fabric that fits the bottom with an oversized knit dress or tee. 

Many women plan to go for easy to wear clothes with floral and colorful prints. This will make them feel relaxed and more normal than looking attractive and rich. Everyone wants to look a little fancy and more of a simple outfit. 

Comfort Jeans and Shirts

Comfort jeans and shirts with sneakers have more demand than tight jeans with high heels. Some fashion bloggers want to go for jogger and knitted pants. Most of the women want to keep things simple and comfortable. 

Are you wondering what to wear on the top half with comfy jeans and joggers? Wearing shirts with statement sleeves is a great choice with denim. 

Eye Makeup Products Are on the Rise

Wearing a mask has become essential for the prevention of spreading the coronavirus. As a result, people are finding it difficult to express themselves. 

There is an increase in the sales of eye makeup products as the mask covers up the face. Sales of different eye make-up products such as eyelashes, mascaras, and eyeliners have grown, and it will rise in the coming months. 

Next, women are spending more on skincare products than cosmetics. They shifted to purchase more skincare products such as face scrubs, soaps, body wash, and body creams than cosmetics. They want to maintain hygiene and keep clean rather than looking good. That doesn’t mean they are not concerned about their looks, but they focus more on basic. 

More Casual Wears 

People are now going with more casual and athletic wear to the office. Most famous women entrepreneurs in India now prefer to wear casual wear than a business suit. There will be many mix-ups between wearing on the top and bottom in the corporates. 

Many fashion analysts expect that the casual wear trend at offices will continue even after the pandemic. Nobody is certain that this casual trend will continue for how many days. 

Fashion Accessories

Even during this situation, fashion accessories like jewelry have in their place. Women always love to wear jewelry, and it makes them more beautiful. Apart from jewelry, they also want to wear other accessories such as hair clips hair accessories. 

A new trend has also set that many women choose a face mask matching with their outfit. Those who are committed to fashion trends for women will always find a way to look good. 

Along with this, there is a rise in sales of slippers, sneakers, and comfortable shoes. Women don’t want to wear those high heels and loafers anymore. However, a few women still want to wear a pair of heels but very rarely.

With the high rise in the internet access nowadays and immense indulgence in social media, it has become quite easy to follow the famous celebrities and their fashion styles. Which makes it more interesting for the women. Thanks to one of those many pros of social media

Lip Products Sales Declined

It’s the common thing and most expected as everyone is wearing a protective mask. So, there is almost a 5% decline in the sales of lipsticks and other lip products. It makes sense because nobody wants to mud their lipsticks inside the mask. 

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During the pandemic, consumers focus more on inner peace and staying fit rather than fashion and good looking. So, there is no wonder that everyone prefers loungewear and activewear. Most of the women want to feel comfortable with their outfit in this pandemic. Moreover, there is a decline in cosmetics and a rise in demand for skincare products. I hope the above information has helped you to know about the top fashion trends for women in this pandemic. 

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