Fashion is Passion


Fashion, the topic itself says about the dressing and styles that we do in our daily life. Can a dressing sense say who we are and how we are? Sure our dressing and colour we choose to make us as the center of attraction. Many have a question if colour defines something? Every colour has its intention and purpose. Let me explain it shortly. The colour, Yellow stands for a new beginning, white for peace and purity, blue for inspiration, pink for softness, red for admiration, and so on. Sometimes the dress we wear can say the mood of us. 

Causal Wears:

Nowadays, everyone wishes to wear casuals for the routine and traditions for functions. Casual wear is a western kind of dress which is worn for personal comfort. Have you ever thought why casual is preferred by everyone? The word causal itself can be defined as relax, ordinary, not formal hence, it is used for daily use. Among everyday wear casuals, t-shirts became the most popular one. Dresses like jeans, Tshirts, shorts, skirts, cotton dresses considered as a causal one. T-shirts are the preferable one among all those dresses. In trending, there is a pair which means a couple of t-shirts. For both men and women, there is causal that is considered to be the most famous one with the printing ‘king’ and ‘queen’. The printed t-shirts are the current trending one because it not only shows the unique style but also used to communicate our thoughts, sometimes to pass a message, sometimes to show passion and unity. The fact to know about the t-shirt if you order in online the quality is more important than the colour. Both Men t-shirts and Women t-shirts might be the same, but the exact you want to know is inside and outside label. It says the shirt size, manufactured company and so on. Then the last important one is printing and design styles. It quite attracts and creates a unique style for their own. There are three kinds of printing style in t-shirts. They were

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Heat transfer

Among these, digital printing becomes the most treading one. It is a fascinating one to know all those about casual dresses, which makes us more comfortable. 


The hoodie means a jacket usually wore as a pair or top of the shirt. It may be called as overcoats for women. Women hoodies are the most famous one. It is a casual outfit for both men and women. Women nowadays give preference to these kinds of hoodies, which makes them more comfortable to cover their chest areas in the right way. Even there are different styles to wear. If it is a Zip up hoodie, then it will good when you leave your zip half open, and if it is a pullover, then it can be worn just like the t-shirts. The hoodies are made of cotton, polyester, wool, nylon and fleece. Each one has its feature. Cotton is a common one used by everyone, and it is suitable when you go for jogging or else gym. Wool protects you from the cold. Polyester is somewhat elastic so it can be stretched. Nylon protects you from the fire and moisture. Finally, fleece is also a kind of material manufactured from the hydrocarbon. Hence the dress you wear can say the passion toward it. Thus dressing is the most important one in our daily life.

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