Role of Farm Machinery In Agriculture – Uses, Types, & Guide

farm machinery in agriculture

Agriculture is a broadly spread sector that covers more than half of the population worldwide. As time changed, the development occurs, and farm machinery is the example of that development.

Agriculture machineries are the device or machines that used to cultivate and harvest crops. In old times, farmers used small or hand tools which enhanced the hard work and costs of farmers. Advanced agriculture machinery is the modification of traditional agriculture tools. The farmers used equipment for various farming applications.

This blog provides informative details about farm machines.

What is Farm Machinery?

Farm machinery is technical machines that help in farming. It completes various agriculture tasks. These types of equipment are hand tools, power tools, heavy implements, and tractors. The machines used in non-organic farming and organic farming. Farm machines complete every farming operation effectively. 

Farm Machines in India

Apart from agriculture, these machines widely used and popular in construction, industrial, transports, etc. In the below section, we are showing some useful farm machine with detailed information. Have a look. 

1. Tractors

Tractors widely used for different agriculture applications across the World. It is a farm vehicle powered by diesel or petrol. As a new technology, electric tractors also launched to make farming operation easier and productive.

According to the horsepower, there are three types of tractor available.

Utility Tractor – Marginal farmers mostly use utility tractors. It is a low to medium hp tractor, suitable for pulling implements. The tractor also used in construction with implements for dozing, braking, trenching, etc.

Small Tractor – Small tractor mainly used in a garden or small fields. It is a low hp tractor, suitable for pudding and gardening operation.

Heavy-Duty Tractor – Heavy-duty tractors are suitable in large area farms. The tractor also used for transportation, construction with heavy attachments.

In the market, many tractor brands exist which provide high-level features for farmers. These tractor brands are New Holland tractor, Mahindra tractor, Swaraj tractor, and many more.

2. Soil Cultivation

Soil cultivation is a method to re-arranges the soil by using farm machines. For this tractors are running over the field surface with plough or disc to break up the soil. Soil cultivation is done before the planting crops. The cultivator widely used for soil cultivation. The farm machine suitable for stirring and pulverizing the soil before planting. It also removes unwanted weeds and loosens the soil.

3. Plough

Plough is a piece of popular agriculture equipment used for tillage and land preparation. The machine turns & breaks the soil, to control weeds and burial crop residues. The machine used with the tractor to dig the soil by which soil matures and help in production growth. The plough machine improves the soil condition and makes soil preparation more effective.

4. Harrows

Harrow is a farm implement to cultivate the soil. Machine is different from the plough and used for deeper cultivation. It often used for ploughing operations. With a finer finish, it makes good soil structure which used for seeding and planting applications. The harrow machine is mounted on the tractor and used for smoothing the soil surface.

5. Harvester

The farm machine also called a combine harvester, used for effective harvesting crops in the farming fields. Harvester is the combined machine of reaping, winnowing, and threshing. The machine has all the advanced qualities. From a small farm to a large farm, it provides high performance and complete operation efficiently. The farm machinery harvests many crops such as maize, wheat, soybean, oats and many more. The machine includes a tank that collects all the grains.

Benefits of Farm machines

  • The farm machines packed with high-end technology that reduces labour work and cost.
  • As compared to the traditional method or tools, the machines provide high goods and output.
  • The machines complete the production demand.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Farm machinery improves the quality of goods & boost farming production.

Operations of Farm Machines

New-age farmers have used a broad range of equipment for farming application. The technical characteristics of the machines enhance the yield. Following are the major farming operations that used different farm machinery.

Land Processing – It is the first and major farming operation, in which tractor, harrow, plough like farm machines are the perfect option. 

Soil and Plant Fertilizing – The fertilization of soil and plant are important because it provides safety from insects and pesticides. For soil and plant fertilizing, sprayer equipment is the best option. 

Harvesting and Transportation – Harvesting and transportation is the last operation of farming. Harvester and tractor machines are suitable for harvesting and transportation.

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