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In this Digital era as everyone is depending totally on the web or apps, a fantasy sports game is becoming the most popular game and you can find it on everyone’s mobile. It has given a rise to e-sports and the fantasy sports market.

Fantasy Sports App contains its own virtual playground where users can make a difference -different teams of players who are willing to play in the ground and their win or loses depends on the real performance of the player in that game.

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Let’s have a look at some Important Features of a fantasy sports app

1. User App

Home screen – When the user logs in to the app he first explore this page where he can find his favorite listings of upcoming matches, teams, play date, and time, and can choose any team according to his choice.

Look through sports – In this section, the user can select any type of sports game which he is willing to play.

Dashboard – here, the user can operate and manage his profile easily.

Create contests – In this section, the user is able to create his contest where he can choose a prize, participants’ number, and many other options.

Join contest – Here Users can join any contest with a single click.

History – This tab tells about the winning/losing and playing history of the player which can be checked at any time.

Invite and earn – In this segment, the user can invite his friends and relatives to the app and can earn a certain amount of bonus as a price.

Wallet integration – Here he can integrate a virtual wallet for quick transactions.

2. Admin Panel

Dashboard – In the dashboard admin can see all the things happening in the app like contestants, earnings, and many other things.

Management panel – Here admin can he can operate the user and the contest by editing/deleting it.

Check earnings – Here user can check the earnings from the app.

Money management – In this section admin can manage the money flow to the winner’s account and can also check the details sent by the user.

CMS– Here admin can handle the about us, contact us, help, etc. option from the app.

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Final Words:

So I hope you understood all the important features of the Fantasy Sports App. It’s a good investment if you invest your money in it. If you are still confused then you can contact us. 

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