Fancy Ornaments

Fancy Ornaments

An ornament is something that is worn by a person to make himself or herself more captivating or appealing. fancy ornaments have the power to bring out the hidden charisma in a person. Ornaments have always been an indispensable part of the lives of the people in India, and also all over the world. Whether made of a combination of metals and precious stones, stones, shells, paper or even clay, ornaments have always tempted humankind.

There are ornaments which one can wear on the hair or head, body, neck, ears, hands, nose and even feet. According to our rich Indian culture, most of the ornaments are worn for a cause or as a part of a belief or tradition.

We have a wide range of ornaments worn in our country. Some of them are crowns, tiaras, necklaces, pendants, bangles, nose rings, earrings, cufflinks, brooches, bracelets, anklets, toe rings, maang tikas, kamarbands (belly chains), armlets and so on. Some of these ornaments are even believed to enhance the health of the person adorning it.

Fancy ornaments are synonymous to costume jewellery, as they fulfil the purpose of complementing a particular costume look of ladies. It has nothing to do with investment, as in the case of “real” ornaments.

The fine or real jewellery, made of precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. are not utilised in the making of costume jewellery. Instead, they are usually made of Sterling Silver in varied styles and patterns to suit the latest fashion trends. Being cheap makes it accessible to the common people.
Fancy ornaments are crafted in different designs as follows.

The floral design fashion jewellery as the name suggests is made in floral designs, embedded with artificial stones, and it resembles the real ones. The floral design Fancy Openable Kada Bracelet is a Gold plated, fancy bracelet, decorated with semiprecious stones and have designs in the width of 32 mm.
Red Colour Floral Design Rhinestones Studded Pendant Cum Brooch Set with Stud Earrings is suited for party wear, and the pendant can be used as a brooch too.

The Pink and Orange Floret Fancy Handmade Flower Necklace Jewellery Set gives the impression of a real garland wound around the neck; the excellent craftsmanship displayed in the design should be applauded.
The Gold Finish Floral Design Fancy Diamond Necklace is Gold plated, embedded with American Diamonds and clubs its Gold Silver colour to the celebratory costume.

The second type is Girls’ stylish fancy jewellery, mostly adorning teenage girls who are admirers of fashion and prefer to appear unique to grab everybody else’s attention.

The Fancy Pearl Beaded Layered Mala Style Chain Necklace and Earrings for Girls is a classic set with embedded stones, Pearls and crystals. This unique necklace is a fusion of traditional jewellery and contemporary jewellery.
Fashionable and stylish thread tassel fancy party wear long earrings is ideal for party wear because of its thread tassels.

Kundan Fancy Jewellery, the third type, sets a royal ambience, imparting elegance to the wearer. The stones, Polka and Diamonds are attached to the Kundan set to make it more astounding.

The three lines fancy Kundan necklace with earrings in Mango design is a lightweight copper necklace paired with matching earrings.

Antique beaded fancy jewellery is the fourth type. They typically represent real antique ornaments, accessible due to its low price.

The fifth type, Fancy Ruby and Blue Diamond earrings give the lustre of a Diamond, imparted by Quartz, along with fancy red Ruby and Sapphire stones, in the red and blue Diamond Earrings respectively.

The last type is fancy Pearl jewellery which is widely admired because of its superficial resemblance to the real ones.