A Fully-Fledged guide to Facebook Insight Tools

Facebook Insight Tools

A Fully-Fledged guide to Facebook Insight Tools

Facebook Insight is the most useful tool to keep a track of audience interaction with your Facebook business page or Facebook fan page. This tool can give you the best idea about your popularity among the audience and organize your marketing strategy to gain maximum benefits. Using the Facebook Insight tool, you understand the number of active users along with the performance of your FB page. If you master this powerful tool, you can achieve success in the fastest manner and create a better status before the Facebook users.

What Can You Determine Using Facebook Insight Tool?

  1. The best time of the day to post on your page
  2. The type of content you should prefer
  3. Best day of the week to work on FB page
  4. The improving areas or the areas with the scope of improvements
  5. Type of audiences liking your page
  6. Certain patterns occurring in the performance of your page

There are two types of Facebook Insight tools are available, we will discuss noth of them one by one. The two tools are:

  • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Facebook Page Insights

Let’s get an overview of both the Facebook analytics tool!

How to Use Facebook Audience Insight Tool?

Facebook Audience Insight tool is designed to give you overview of audience’s mindset so that you can create a strategy accordingly. This will cover the below-listed factors:

  • Actions on Page: The clicks on your call-to-action button as well as contact information
  • Page Views: The views of your Facebook Page, from logged-in and non-logged-in users.
  • Page Previews: People who previewed your page or in simple words, hovered their mouse on Page Information
  • Page Likes: The stats of likes.
  • Post reach: The data of people who view your posts on their FB timeline.
  • Story reach: The People who watched your stories.
  • Recommendations: People who have recommended your Page to others.
  • Post engagement: An overall ration of post likes, comments, shares, and other factors.
  • Responsiveness: A study of time taken by your page to respond to messages.
  • Videos: Number of video views for more than three seconds Page
  • Followers: New followers of your page
  • Orders: The orders and earnings of your page so far

How to Use Facebook Page Insight Tool?

1.Access the Facebook Page Insight Tool

In order to access facebook Insight, go to your FB page, click on the gear icon and select “View Insights”. On the main dashboard you will “total number of likes” and a graph representing the following factors:

  1. A number of friends of fans
  2. People who are actively talking about your page
  3. Total weekly reach.

2. Post Virality

Just beneath the graph, you will find the Virality of your post so that you can get an idea of how the posts of your page are performing. There are numerous options available to sort posts such as:

  • all post types
  • posts
  • photos
  • links
  • videos
  • platform posts
  • questions

This is basically about the engagement of viewers with your post. You will get an estimate of how people are reacting (liking or sharing) your post.


The next tab is “Likes”. This will give you an idea about how the likes you are getting from your fans. You can make a quick search by “new likes” or even “unlikes”

  • Reach

This the next factor that Facebook Insights cover. It is meant to analyses the reach of your business page among the Facebook audience. You can keep a check on new views, how many people are actually reaching to your posts, and vice versa. The data is categorized into three options namely Viral, Paid, and organic searches.

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