Top 10 Precautions For Eye Safety From Makeup

eye makeup

The best and quick way to have really enticing looks is to get your makeup on, isn’t it? You just quickly go and sit in front of the mirror, open your makeup box, and dap dap dap! You look stunningly beautiful! This is exactly why ladies really love all cosmetic items. And boy oh boy do women look gorgeous with their eye makeup on? That’s something I fall in love with every single time because beautiful looking eyes have a huge impact on the beholder. But of course, there are limitations and precautions that we need to consider in everything.

Some women love eye makeup much more than they love the rest of the cosmetic products. But let me tell you that if you’re not careful while using them or do not use them properly, you can get your eyes into some serious trouble. There’s a risk of getting eye infections and diseases if you don’t properly follow the tips that I’m going to share. So don’t ever say “nah, it’s fine, I’ll be okay, it’s nothing” because, you never know. So, ladies and gentlewomen, behold the important tips you should consider if you love your eye health.

1.  Never Apply Eye Makeup With Unclean Hands

Now don’t say that your hands are always clean and you don’t need to wash them. Well, there IS some bad bacteria on your hands that shouldn’t be even near your eyes. To get rid of it, it’s best that you first wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and then you go for the makeup part.

2.  Don’t Use Old Makeup Products

So you’ve had this eyeliner of yours for a really long time and you don’t use it too often. It’s almost half filled but it’s been more than 6 months now since you bought it. What would you do? You shouldn’t use it after 6 months. The best way to save money is that you buy it, you use it completely within 6 months, you throw the container in the bin, that’s it. Make sure that you buy a high-quality makeup product like a good eyeliner from a high-grade brand. You will know if it’s a high-quality product when you’ll see high-quality eyeliner packaging boxes that they had probably bought from Dawn Printing, a known packaging company.

I’m not saying that the products expire after 6 months. They are chemicals and the longer they are kept, the more vulnerable they become so they can be contaminated and cause eye issues or even skin problems if you have a sensitive skin. Take good care of your skin and do not ever compromise on it!

3.  Used Something? Don’t Forget To Cover It Properly

People are so in a rush these days that they quickly put their makeup on and leave immediately without closing the containers of the makeup they used. This is one of the worst things that you can do to your cosmetics and of course, your skin. It shouldn’t be exposed to air and must be kept tightly enclosed when not in use. Otherwise, you’re inviting the germs and bacteria to hop in and toxicate the makeup solution.

4.  Don’t Use Anything Sharp Near Your Eye

Do you know what some people do? I don’t know how but when they’re in a hurry, they use something sharp to get their eyelashes in line or quickly apply eyeliner. Anything near your eye must be handled very carefully and it should never be pointed or sharp. When we are in a rush, we can’t make proper decisions but we have to because we can’t damage our eyes just because we’re in a hurry. Slow down, don’t use anything harmful near or on your eye or you can have a big price to pay if you mistakenly poke your eye with it.

5.  No Sharing!!!

“Hey, I like your foundation. Can I use it?” Oh hell no! If you’re impressed by your friend’s makeup product, then you should buy one for yourself too instead of borrowing some from her. This could be a very unwise thing to do because not only you’ll put yourself in danger but also your friend. Let’s say that you want to use the foundation and you borrow that with a makeup sponge. That makeup sponge will have bacteria from the other person’s skin and you would never want to have that transferred to your skin.

6.  Don’t Try To Add Water To Your Makeup

It’s an extremely bad thing to do and I really want people to stop doing that. If they have a mascara that is hardened now, they will just go and add some water to it so it thins a little and is useful again. C’mon guys you’re ruining the safety in them and making them prone to chemical reactions and if you use them, you’re making a serious mistake. If the makeup has already hardened, just throw it and get a new one.

7.  Don’t Expose Them To Heat And Moisture

Once you’ve bought the makeup, you don’t just keep it anywhere without paying attention to a few factors. You have to make sure that they are kept in a cool and dry place. If they’re not, heat and moisture will ruin the real texture of the makeup and even cause a little chemical reaction. This can result in makeup filled with bacteria and contaminated chemicals that if you apply to your skin, will damage your skin.


You should be careful when using products on your skin because your skin is a huge gift and you can’t take risks. There’s no way one would ever want to compromise on the quality of products because the skin will have to suffer the consequences. Be much more careful about using eye makeup products because the eye is much more sensitive than the rest of the skin.

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