Best Tricks To Export Contacts From Outlook

In an organization, we have to work in collaboration with emails on a day-to-day basis. While working on email platforms we have to deal with contacts to edit, add, view them, etc. When an organization undergoes a transition from one good to better email client then they have to export contacts from Outlook to another email client. It is done because bigger organizations have a very large number of contacts and they do not want to lose any single one of the contacts. Now, In this blog we are discussing two tricks, first one manual methods as well as using professional methods i,e. convert OST to PST tool. 

Why do users want to back up Outlook Contacts?

  • There is no automatic journaling in the Outlook application.
  • If we have two similar contacts under different categories, then we have to make two different contacts for each category.
  • Outlook does not provide us the privilege to directly export a category. For this, we first have to make a folder and paste the desired items into that folder.

In this article, I would like you to talk about two easy tricks to Export Contacts from outlook. Let us take a look at both the easy tricks one by one.

Manual Trick to Export Contacts from Outlook

This trick works upon the inbuilt feature provided by the Outlook 2013/2016 application. By using this trick, we will be able to backup Outlook to various email clients of our choice. For this, we have to follow certain mentioned steps.

  • Open the Outlook application on your system.
  • Go to the file section. Under this, select Open&Export. Under this click on Import/Export option.
  • A new wizard opens up, under this tab pick Export to a file and move further.
  • Now, we have two underlying options as Comma-separated Values and Outlook Data file (.PST). 
  1. Choose option 1, if you want to save in CSV file format.
  2. Choose option 2, if you want to save the data in PST format.
  • Under Export to a file wizard, click on the contacts folder and push the Next button to continue.
  • Search, go, and select the location where you want to save the contacts folder that is chosen by you in the previous step and press Next to continue.
  • Now, Map the custom fields and click on the finish button to Export contacts from outlook.

Make sure that you have selected all the files before you click on the finish button as once you have started the process there is no way by which we can stop the process.

After the Manual trick, you will be able to export outlook emails in the CSV file format. 

Limitations Of Manual Trick

  • The manual trick is not a reliable solution to export contacts from Outlook 365.
  • To Outlook Import Contacts to the Email client, we have to perform various steps that are very tedious to perform.
  • There is a huge possibility that your data will get corrupted during the Export process.
  • Only those users who are technically sound will be able to perform this operation swiftly. For others, it is a very challenging task.

As you have already gone through certain steps under manual trick. You can see that there are various governing issues that make this trick fickle to move with.

To overcome this let us take a look at the second trick.

Professional Trick

To overcome all the flaws of Manual Trick, I would like you to talk about a utility software that is known as OST to PST Converter Tool. This tool is designed by DRS Softech. It can easily convert your OST file to MBOX, PST, CSV, EML, PDF, etc. It automatically excludes all the duplicate OST files while Exporting contacts from Outlook. Options like task filter and mail filter are also provided to the user so that specific data of the OST file can be exported. For your convenience, you can also take a look at the free trial version of the tool by visiting the official DRS website. You can work on DRS Softech tools effectively with the help of this video. 

let’s see:-

Final Verdict

In this article, I have explained two Easy tricks to Export contacts from Outlook to an Email client. The first one is the Manual Trick. It is a free inbuilt feature of the Outlook Application but has some limitations associated with it. To overcome all the flaws related to the Manual trick, I have explained about the best OST to PST Converter tool under Professional Trick. This tool is the best to go for OST email migration. It is both fast and reliable. It is written and designed with the best algorithms that make it suitable for the underlying task.

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